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This mod makes prey cautious but still scared - also stops companions from hunting them down without cause.
Additionally randomizes the animals height slightly, and adjusts some stats.
Adds aggression radius to most creatures and robots
Scared prey: Wolves, Ants, Radrats, Swarms, Wild dogs, Bloatflies, Radroaches, Stingwings, Radroa

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I always thought it strange how every single creature was out to get you!

This mod makes certain animals and creatures run away from you when you get close, instead of attacking.

Large animals like deers are more scared of humans, whereas small insects requires you to get much closer before they run away since they don't care much about humans.

Also fixes the annoying feature of your companion constantly attacking the friendly animals, that many other mods of this sort seem to lack.

Further tweaks the height/size of many creatures, to make them more varied and generally slightly smaller for more realism. The stronger variants are generally slightly larger than the weaker ones.
Examples: Radstags, wolves etc.: 80% smaller to 110% larger.
Rad-Ant, Radroach etc.: 30-50% smaller to 60-80% smaller
Vanilla has just 1 static size for all creature from the same tier,

Also adds aggression radius to most other creatures and robots. Every non-humanoid should behave more realistic now, I think.

Even tweaks some movement speed, so some creatures walk and run 10-20% faster

It is an All-In-One package, with optional patches for mods.

Should be compatible with many other mods, only changes simple vanilla records

Safe to uninstall and install mid-game, no scripts, just esp!

OPTIONAL PATCHES for those highly recommend Mods

Now also a version for for
Unique NPCs Creaturs and Monsters - Reduced Spawns And Stand Alone Version (Experimental)

For much more wild-life fun
Requires original mods
My patches makes them all behave more cautious and scaredy and adjusts Stat/Height

Nightstrikers (makes them slightly smaller)

Giant Ants of the Commonwealth (My patch makes them to like smaller ambient ants)
Note, those are a seperate race, so there are still the regular much bigger ants in Nuka World

Squirrels of the Commonwealth (My patch makes them less strong and slightly smaller)

Commonwealth Chickens and Rabbits (My patch also fixes NPC attacking them)

And lastly, those two mods adds slightly more wildlife like wolves, rabbits and deers, very good mods:

Commonwealth Wilderness Overhaul

More Radstags (I use 2x version)

Works perfectly fine in Vanilla, and probably most other mods.

All in all, this mod does it all with just a few  vanilla faction and NPC settings attributes changed, so safe to add or remove in any save and zero performance impact.

I use Lunar Overhaul by Moonracer and Tweaking scaling by nedned as a base for the leveled actor multiplier, but many records closer to vanilla so should be compatible with most mods (except maybe Horizon).