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The Fungal Forest - tall mushrooms grow within the everlasting storm of the glowing sea. This mod is a sneak peek at more to come, in my upcoming mod FLORA, but is being released as standalone for those who want to play with it early, or simply just want some shrooms in their glowing sea.

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Part of the F.L.O.R.A. Project

The Fungal Forest is a mod that aims to add a realistic and well scattered forest of overgrown mushrooms to the Glowing Sea. The Glowing Sea is an area otherwise bland in Fallout 4, with little visual appeal beyond the constant radiation storms. This mod will make the region feel a little more alien, and a little more interesting to explore. Over 3500 mushrooms have been hand placed in the region (no precombine or previs breakage), but they're not overbearing, and won't blanket the region in a similar fashion to a traditional forest. They only grow on the muddy, wet patches of land, as well as high radiation areas. The Glowing Sea is a very moist region, with plenty of decay, and tons of radiation. Why shouldn't there be giant mushrooms? The mushrooms can also be justified from a lore standpoint, seeing as the mushrooms are not only native to America, but also could be seen as a food source to the children of atom (they're also psychedelic, so that's another way to justify the CoA's craziness. Shroom textures are available in both 2K and 4K. The shrooms are mostly beige topped, but rarer brown and white topped mushrooms can also be seen in select areas in the glowing sea. The rarest type of mushroom, the Radsoaked Mushroom are in select areas and emit radiation.

Drag the contents of the mod in to your Fallout 4 "data" folder.

AssetKit on CGTrader - Mushroom Assets
Cancerous1 - Collision mesh work
Impulseman - General help/consulting
wanaming0 - Radsoaked Mushrooms
Third Hierarchy - Trailer Song
The Bone Zone - Existing