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Very lightweight but effective hunting mechanic. Get ingredients from creatures in a more immersive way. Disassemble to parts various mechanical targets. Learn new cooking recipes and even more.

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  • Food Spoilage, Disposing, Blood Sampling, Salvaging, Hunting And Trapping mechanics.
  • Lightweight yet effective camping.
  • Challenges / Achievements with unlockable bonuses and items based on IHO concept.
  • Unlockable cooking recipes / Food Rebalance
  • Wastelands Showroom module. New Trophies, Stands, Cages, Plints, Wallmounts, Statues
  • Convenient MCM menu with a lot of options to tune your experience.
  • And more...


For additional information about main features please read the description further.

  • To collect ingredients from a killed creature, you will need a Hunting Knife to be equipped, or any other knife, even from other mods, that has AnimsStabWeapon keyword. (Hunting Knife can be crafted on Hunting Station under TOOLS tab) It is quite top tier knife, so it can be a powerful killer even in the late game. It has several neat modifications and paintjobs.

  • With each use, the knife will become duller, and if you bring its condition to zero, you will no longer be able to butcher. Therefore, these special sharpening kits that IHO introduces will be very useful. (Sharpening Kits can be crafted on Hunting Station under SHARPENERS tab).

  • Ingredients amount may vary, but you always will get something. Overall ingredients like hides, teeth, carapaces, bones and etc have much higher prices and yield more components. You can go hunting now and make yourself some caps by throwing on vendors face some "Ideal" Deathclaw Hide..and yeah, BTW >>>>

  • >>> Most of the creatures can have "Ideal" ingredients. Such ingredients yield more components and cost more than their "Common" counter parts. Chance of harvesting such ingredients calculates by special formula which can be adjusted to your needs in the MCM menu.

  • After butchering you also get some experience. Experience calculates by special formula which can be found and adjusted to your needs in the MCM menu. With Wasteland Survival Guide 9 magazine you will additionaly get bonus experience.

  • Some creatures have dangerous guts. After butcher process be aware, that it can poison you or rad attack you for a couple of seconds. Use some protection.

  • With Chemist Rank 1 you can collect Blood Samples with Test Tubes from Humans, Ghouls, Supermutants, Animals & Creatures. Test tubes must simply be equipped. One test tube for one sample (test tubes can be crafted on Hunting Station under TOOLS tab). 

  • From Blood Samples you can craft Blood/Glowing Blood PacksAfter taking a blood sample you also get some experience. Blood Sampling experience calculates by special formula which can be found and adjusted to your needs in the MCM menu. With Astoundingly Awesome Tales 1 magazine you will additionaly get bonus experience.

  • With Scrapper perk you can collect components from a destroyed Robots, Synths, Vehicles, you will need a Dissasembly Wrench to be equipped and a Toolkit (They can be crafted on Hunting Station under TOOLS tab. Toolkits can be found in toolboxes or bought from generic vendors). Items amount may vary, but you always will get something. Some cars can not be salvaged at all, more empty ones or like a pure carcass >>> example

  • Most of the robots and synths can have "Ideal" parts. Such parts yield more components and cost more that their "Common" counter parts. Robot/Synth salvaging grants you some experience. Experience calculates by special formula which can be found and adjusted to your needs in the MCM menuAdditionaly with Astoundingly Awesome Tales 3 magazine you will get bonus experience.

  • Each type of vehicle has its own amount of components in the item pool.
  • Vehicle salvaging grants you some experience. Vehicle salvage experience calculates by special formula which can be found and adjusted to your needs in the MCM menu. Additionaly with Astoundingly Awesome Tales 14 magazine you will get bonus experience.

  • With a Toolkit, Disassemble Wrench and Total Hack Magazine you get the ability to disable turrets. Additionaly with Astoundingly Awesome Tales 3 magazine you will get more experience.

  • If you have unwanted carcasses, bodies, destroyed robots and etc annihilated by you with cruelty in your settlement, wasteland, Commonwealth, toilet, at work, you named it.. Just equip your shovel (for organical targets) or disassembly wrench (for mechanical targets) and whack them hard to remove their dead existance from your world once and for all. If you want get rid of them like a pro, craft some Splitting grenade and remove them all at once in a big radius. (all tools can be crafted on Hunting Station under TOOLS tab)

  • ======================================================================================================================
  • FOOD & Lead Belly
  • ======================================================================================================================

  • The properties of absolutely all food were rebalanced or changed in one way or another. New bonuses were added, old ones slightly changed or modified completely, prices changed, weight changed. And most importantly - almost..ALMOST all food is radiated (Can be Turned off in the MCM menu). Cooked food will give you a lot less radiation than raw. Prepare to get some RadWay or Rad-X. Now you will think twice what to put in your mouth. Or..

  • ..Or get Lead Belly perk as soon as possible. Now It is very worthwile perk by a couple of reasons. At 1st rank you take less radiation from eating or drinking (like in vanilla), get poison resistance and unlocks the ability to milk brahmins. Milk can be used in some cooking recipes or just for drinking, you also can buy it from bartenders and other food/misc vendors. 2nd rank boosts resistance further, and gives the ability with 50% chance to harvest twice as many plants, vegetables and fruits from crops. With 3rd rank you get maximun resistances with the ability to cook twice as much food from the same amount of ingredients as before. Ranks 4/5 give some neat bonuses like less food spoilage speed, and increased carry weight as long as you have more than 10 cooked food or drinks items in your inventory.

  • Food, and drinks like milk, teas and juices can be spoiled now. Spoilage afterwards can be composted to fertilizer with Compost Bin (Compost Bin can be found the workshop menu >>> Resources >>> Other). MCM options included

  • ======================================================================================================================
  • COOKING & Recipes
  • ======================================================================================================================

  • At first you know only a couple of food recipes. To learn and unlock all others you must seek for recipes which can be found in the loot such as: coolers, refrigerators, trashcans and etc (chances are quite low, but acceptable), or bought from food/misc vendors which prices can be very steep at the beginning..or eat canned dog food like a dog, all your life. In Survival Mode this pushes you as a player to eat those pesky food which developers left for you with love in the world. At least for the first time.

  • Overall you can unlock 64 new recipes for your stomach through "Gourmands Of The Commonwealth" magazines. Just click it and you are golden. 24 of them are Legendary editions, have specific names and very expensive, but have quite nice bonuses. All is lore friendly, no Red Bulls or Fantas.

  • All vanilla cooking recipes have been changed. Need more varieties of ingredients for cooking.

  • Added food additives such as: salt, pepper, sugar, spices. They can be made at cooking stations, bought or found in the loot.

  • From IHO v4.0 there are some challenges now. Challenges with unlockable bonuses and items, based on IHOs concept and its mechanics. At the moment there are 14 challenges available. In the future i can add even more. MCM options included.

  • With Cannibal perk upon eating bodies of humans, ghouls, feral ghouls, glowing ghouls, supermutants, supermutants behemoths also get ingredients from their bodies. Also made this perk more gory.

  • By the original design cap stashes give you caps. Well okay then, let's not brake this tradition. Now cap stashes give you more caps..if you are lucky. Or less, but it will be still higher that in vanilla.

  • By the original design Lunch Boxes give you a lot of strange and yet useful items. We will not brake this tradition either. Now Lunch Boxes can give you even more strange useful items and even a shower from caps.

  • For casuals or for users with very small load orders: use Mod Manager and put I.H.O. to the bottom of your load order. 

  • For pros or for users with heavy load orders: use Mod Manager and put I.H.O. to the bottom of you load order. Then start FO4Edit to check everything, if there is something that clashes with your other mods, you need to make bashed or compatibility patch. But keep in mind that to make I.H.O. work as advertised, I.H.O. changes must be prioritized.

  • My mod is heavily inspired by Hunter Of The Commonwealth By ZZYXZZ. They are very similar, but different aproach, different immersion, and I.H.O. gives more. If by some reason I.H.O. will not warm your heart, then I highly recommend H.O.T.C. I used it, works as advertised and it is great.