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Mutant Menagerie - Life Finds A Way is a full creature and ecosystem overhaul for Fallout 4 and its expansions. Encounter 60+ all-new mutants, harvest 30+ new herbs and plants, fish for 50+ species of fish, earn new perks through gameplay, craft hundreds of new recipes and workshop objects, and much MUCH more!

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"If there is one thing the history of evolution has taught us it's that life will not be contained. Life breaks free, it expands to new territories and crashes through barriers. Painfully, perhaps even dangerously. But well, there it is..."


This mod adds over 60+ NEW and LORE-FRIENDLY creatures, of all shapes and sizes, to the world of Fallout 4! Through the use of hand-placed spawns, randomized leveled lists, and scripted integration, you can expect to experience a full, systematic overhaul of Fallout 4's ecosystems. Encounters with mutants in Fallout 4 should now be much more dynamic and interesting. Additionally, you will find dozens of new fish and flora in the world to catch and harvest, respectively. New collectibles, perks, crafting recipes, workshop objects, and so much more all come together to establish a true sandbox RPG experience for your character. Become a hunter, beast tamer, fisherman, forager, or even a wasteland chef! Hunt deadly world bosses, complete all 5 volumes of Dell Lincoln's in-game bestiary, or just play Fallout 4 as usual with new wildlife in the background. The options are almost endless!

Why did I make this mod?

This is a loaded question, so allow me to unload a hefty response.
I realize this version of Mutant Menagerie is quite different from what dropped way back in 2021. The design philosophy was always to use creatures to overhaul Fallout 4's ecosystems and improve combat variety. What changed was less of a focus on elements of the original mod that the game couldn't handle. The engine is old, and it cannot manage many actors on-screen or loaded in the background. Especially compared to the games that inspired this mod (like RDR2, for example.) So my approach to ecosystems narrowed, and my approach to mechanics expanded. The result is something much more like what you'd expect from a Bethesda game. For fans of Big Game Hunting, I feel you, I do. But the mod was just too cumbersome for its own good, and volume is often a game of diminishing returns when working with an aging engine. 

Now, the design philosophy - from a systems perspective - is very in-favor of the sandbox RPG style. I am personally tired of the tarkovification of Fallout modding, and all the ultra-realism/immersive sim/hardcore overhaul mods we've been flooded with in recent years. To be clear, there is absolutely nothing wrong with those types mods or the developers that make them, I just think they dominate the modding scene a bit too heavily at the moment. I prefer mods and games that lean into the more esoteric hallmarks of RPG design, rather than strip those elements out. This is Fallout: A Post-Nuclear Role Playing Game. It's wacky, it's zany, and it believes in radiation magic. Fallout is the Dungeons & Dragons of the post-apocalypse genre - and I love it for that. Classic RPG franchises, at their core, exaggerate and embellish aspects of reality in ways that allow you to adapt otherwise intangible human experiences from our real world onto a digital (or tabletop-based) world. They are not meant to be realistic, and that's okay. So instead of gutting Fallout 4 and entirely replacing mechanics or adding arbitrary changes and tedium for the sake of realism, I wanted to design a full systematic overhaul for a part of the game that was additive in its implementation. Mutant Menagerie is my attempt to respect what is there, and fix issues through addition rather than subtraction or alteration. 

When it comes to implementation, I personally care about whether the systems of a game are fair, fun, engaging, and rewarding for the player. And THAT is where Fallout 4 was lacking. So that is where I have attempted to fill in some gaps. This mod doesn't shy away from that gamey RPG magic that people so-often like to criticize. It aims to make the game more difficult, but also more rewarding and engaging in ways that are streamlined, largely optional, and that don't introduce an overbearing amount of tedium. Shoot (or tame) monsters, unlock perks, build things. Find recipes, shoot (or tame) bigger monsters, build better things. No configuring intrusive menu options or anything like that, just plug it in and enjoy a more Fallouty Fallout 4. Let's embrace the magic together, shall we?


1)New Creatures and Creature Types

This mod adds a wide roster of 65(ish) new mutants to the game world - including expansion worldspaces – most of which are nonhumanoid and as lore-friendly as possible. Great care was put into researching both Fallout lore and the real-life locales of the game to put together a roster of critters that feel like they truly belong. Many new ambient creatures roam the Commonwealth avoiding hungry mutants and trigger-happy hunters, while new hostile monstrosities scour the dusty wastes in search of prey. Most creatures are designed to fulfill roles and archetypes in the combat sandbox to challenge the player in ways vanilla Fallout 4 does not. The new creatures of Mutant Menagerie have levelled variants, legendary variants, and all yield resources of increasing quality in conjunction with their rarity and/or difficulty.

Looking to spice up your DLC experience a bit more? Well you're in luck! With Mutant Menagerie, you'll also encounter entirely new categories of creatures. In Far Harbor, you'll encounter the ghostly, eldritch Fog-Touched: mutants that've been forever changed by their exposure to the Deep Fog. In Nuka-World, you'll encounter the vibrant and dangerous Quantum Mutants: deadly, blue-glowing monstrosities infused with Nuka-Cola Quantum! They represent ever-present endgame challenges to help round out the final hours of any Fallout 4 playthrough, and yield unique, valuable materials which can either be scrapped, sold, or used for crafting unique items! Both vanilla and Mutant Menagerie creatures alike are included in these new systems, so there are dozens of possible endgame monstrosities to encounter in the game's DLCs.   

But the fun doesn't end there! Many vanilla creatures have new variants to help fill out their leveled lists and bring them closer to the difficulty level of Mutant Menagerie creatures. Some are weaker variants of DLC creatures - intended to be encountered in the early game. Others, however, scale higher than their vanilla equivalents. These new variations, like the acidic gulper, will pack a serious surprise wallop later in the game. Some of these creatures are region-specific as well, and aid in further diversifying the ecosystems of Fallout 4.

2)New Fish and Flora

This mod adds 30+ new breeds and variations of flora and 50+ new species of fish to the world - all with totally new and optimized assets. All of the new fish and flora are based either on existing Fallout lore or months of research into the real-world ecosystems of Massachusetts - sometimes a bit of both! The various new ingredients gathered from this new flora are used in Mutant Menagerie's many, many new recipes. Fish can be interacted with and potentially caught - a system not dissimilar to that of Skyrim. Some of these new additions are commonly found throughout most of the world, some are largely regional, and others still are quite rare. A lot of care and thought was put into researching and building a proper biosphere for this post-apocalyptic world, without stumbling into the territories of either absurdity or redundancy. So get out there and get foraging! 

Not enough for you? Not looking to soak up all those soggy rads? Well, with Mutant Menagerie, you can now craft functional fishing rods and fishing bait and choose to catch your food in a more proper, sporting fashion. Through the fishing system, you can catch all of the breeds of fish found in the world using specific types and tiers of rods. All fish have multiple variants as well, from sickly and irradiated to flawlessly healthy. Craft the best rods and bait to increase your chances of catching more, better fish. This system is inspired by Commonwealth Fishing, but built around Mutant Menagerie and its creatures and mechanics. Get out on the water, land a true wasteland lunker, and mount it on your wall! Just be careful not to catch the attention of any opportunistic hunters that may be waiting below the water's surface.

STILL not enough? Looking for more of a simple life? Well, have I got news for you! All of the new flora found in Mutant Menagerie can be grown at your settlements! Additionally, ALL flora from the vanilla game that was previously inaccessible can be grown at settlements as well! The rarer and more wild the plant, the heftier the requirements for growing it at your settlement. Put your settlers to work growing the rarest and wildest mutant herbs and spices in the Commonwealth! Set up the farming empire of your dreams, kick your feet up with an ice cold Nuka-Cola, and relax while your underlings do the rest!

3)Perks and Progression

Progression in Mutant Menagerie is tied to all-new perks added by the mod. Unlike vanilla perks, these are not acquired through the perk menu, but through playing the mod.  By hunting and killing various creatures of different archetypes, you will unlock new perk rewards. These perks not-only provide benefits in the form of increased damage to specific creatures, but are also tied to the numerous new crafting recipes contained within Mutant Menagerie. To craft the best recipes and rewards in Mutant Menagerie, you will need to unlock perks through gameplay. This system, similar in concept to the challenge system in Fallout New Vegas, is the backbone of Mutant Menagerie, and acts as its primary progression system. Now, if you choose to roleplay a wasteland hunter, the game will reward you for doing so - as any good RPG should!

Additionally, most of the new features of Mutant Menagerie must be discovered and acquired through exploration. New schematics, guide books, and magazines are scattered throughout the map for you to find! This keeps the menus of crafting stations and settlement workshops uncluttered for players that don't wish to engage with these systems, while adding a new scavenger hunt for players that want to unlock everything contained within this mod. So get exploring, and discover all the hidden goodies Mutant Menagerie has to offer!


Players can cook new recipes, scrap or sell creature parts, and roleplay the wasteland hunter of their dreams. Exploring the Commonwealth’s wilderness and hunting with Mutant Menagerie is meant to provide a viable alternative to the dungeon crawling, resource collecting loop that Fallout 4 is known for. Creature hides or equivalent resources generally vary in quality from poor to perfect. Their meat, on the other hand, usually comes in two categories – regular meat and high-quality meat (prime, plump, or succulent). Mutant Menagerie dares you to explore the wild, gather a wide array of resources and ingredients, and embrace your inner hunter-gatherer extraordinaire!

Mutant Menagerie introduces new recipes that expand on existing systems from the vanilla game. Craft powders and poultices with unique effects, cook dozens of entirely new food recipes, and even construct new weapons and ordinance. These recipes use both mod-added resources and existing fallout 4 ingredients, allowing you to use previously boring items from the vanilla game in new ways. New recipes will require more time and effort to craft, and the benefits for your creations will be top-tier. So get out there and get crafting!

5)Wasteland Workshop

While some may seek to hunt and slaughter the creatures of the wastes, others may seek to master them. In Mutant Menagerie, you can craft cages for nearly all creatures - including both DLC creatures and new Mutant Menagerie creatures - using the system added in the Wasteland Workshop DLC. Build a wasteland zoo, a gladiatorial arena, or even tame and conquer captured beasts! But, maybe you wish to simply hunt from the convenience of your settlements? New types of cages, called Traps, can be crafted at your settlements. These special creature cages have a chance to capture wide varieties of mutants from specific categories. Set up a major trapping operation and get your settlers involved in a Commonwealth-wide fur trade! Cages, scale with creature-friendly perks like Animal Friend, while traps require ranks in Mutant Menagerie's all-new hunting perks to build.

Additionally, for the true mutant slayers amongst us, you can now embrace your inner trophy hunter! Mount the heads of mutant creatures and monstrosities on your workshop walls. Gather unique trophies from world bosses and display them for all to see. You can even mount the various fish species you catch while fishing, giving your settlements a truly rustic decorum. Mounting options for DLC creatures and non-standard creature variations are also included, allowing you to truly get in-depth in how you decorate your wasteland hunting lodge!

Lastly, you can also craft new, thematic equivalents to scavenging stations at your settlement workshops. Build a hunting station to allow your settlers to gather creature parts and increase your settlement food rating! No longer do you have to focus entirely on agriculture to provide for the local peasantry.

6)In-Game Bestiary

Everyone loves lore, and most of us love a good scavenger hunt! Mutant Menagerie combines both by introducing a full bestiary written by wasteland biologist and self-proclaimed radiozoologist Dell Lincoln. The pages are scattered across the wastes, with each entry providing valuable information on the creatures that populate Fallout's wasteland. Encompassing 82 entries across 5 volumes, the Mutant Menagerie series includes information on MM creatures AND all vanilla/DLC creatures! Entries for existing creatures contain concise, consolidated breakdowns of lore from both Fallout 4 and the wider Fallout universe, while entries for newer creatures possess detailed, custom-written lore that directly ties into established canon. Not only is the bestiary useful for learning about the creatures of Mutant Menagerie and their roles in both the sandbox, but also for reading about the world of Fallout IN the world of Fallout!

By collecting Dell Lincoln's bestiary pages, you will be able to craft the Mutant Menagerie bestiaries. Each volume is a full book, complete with unique assets for better presentation. Alongside the bestiary entries, you'll also find Dell Lincoln's Mutant Files! Each Mutant File unlocks new recipes at settlement workshops and crafting stations. Through these files, you'll unlock new creature cages, more options for taxidermy, and even new equipment - like throwable weaponized boombugs! Trace the steps of Dell Lincoln's quest to understand and catalogue all the creatures of the wasteland, learn his tricks and secrets, and acquire unique rewards!

7)World Bosses

Mutant Menagerie introduces 24 new World Bosses to the world of Fallout 4. Each is a unique, high-level enemy, and all are designed to sufficiently challenge endgame players. Taking most of them on before level 70 is not recommended. Once World Bosses are killed, they are gone from the game - they do not respawn. They are scattered throughout the wastes - including the DLC world spaces. Information on each boss can be acquired by exploring the game world and stumbling upon their associated mini-quests. Some may be wanted by local authorities, while others are known only through vague whispers and urban legends. Many of these titans of the wastes exist along the fringes of the wasteland - often far beyond the threshold of civilization. And while you may be able to find clues and local lore, you will NOT be given quest markers. These elite hunts are just that - so good hunting!


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f you like my work, and want to support me and my endeavors, feel free to donate through nexus, use the link below, or sign up for my new Patreon. HOWEVER, none of this is necessary. Please do not feel pressured to donate - your support and enjoyment of the mod is more than enough. I will continue to create new things and share them with the community for as long as I am able!

This mod concludes Mutant Menagerie. It's been a long road, but the mod is finally complete. There's still more I could add in the future, but there will be no more expansions or large-scale releases in the foreseeable future. I may break up some of the content and release mini standalone mods in the future. Independent creature releases, standalone mods for certain features - there are plenty of options. 

I'd love to keep modding, and plan to continue creating new content. I have plenty of ideas for Fallout 4, a few for the Elder Scrolls, and I will certainly be keeping my eye on Starfield. I may also try to dip my toes into other games. Maybe Cyberpunk, Baldur's Gate 3, or even return to Halo and try modding the MCC. I'd love to diversify and try out new things. Despite my reputation as the creature guy, I do in fact have a myriad of interests.

To be frank, I've loved learning, expanding my skills, and creating content that others enjoy. I make the mods I want to make first and foremost, but the fact that I can bring joy to others through that work really makes it all worthwhile. 

The future is bright. Thanks for coming along with me on this wild adventure. 


hat's it, folks! I know usually there is a bestiary in the main mod page, and this mod is lacking that. Fret not, the full transcript of the in-game bestiary is available in the articles section! Check that out if you're looking to get a taste of what to expect on the mutant side of things.

I've done my best to do a general overview of the mod. It's a big project, so I'm uncertain as to where I should focus the majority of my efforts on this mod page. In the future,  I may add more to this page based on feedback. I may dive deeper into the mod's features or publish an FAQ. We'll see how things play out from here.

Thanks again for taking the time to check out this mod. Enjoy!

- Justin (AKA Delicon20 AKA StamperDoesMods)