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This mod is a framework and base for any perk, traits, or skill mods I'm making currently or in the future.
Mod authors may also use this framework if they wish, to provide better compatibility with other perk mods.

Permissions and credits
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This mod requires that you download:

LevelUpMenuEx by Neanka (Praise be to him)

With that out of the way, allow me to explain this mod.

It is intended to be a framework for both me, and anyone wanting to add more perks/skills/traits to the game, without having to script it themselves (Which I've already done myself) I am of course planning to add my own perks in the future, and the skills in this mod are basically there for anyone wanting to build off of something. If you'd like to add more skills/perks/traits, you can find a written tutorial further down on the page.

First off, you do not need anything other than LevelUpMenuEx (And by extension, F4SE) to use this mod, but it is highly recommended to look for any perk mods that are patched to run with this framework, because it is relatively light on content, as in, it adds absolutely nothing except support for skills without needing to script them yourself, which can take quite some time, believe me.

To install the framework, what you need to do is either:

A.) Install it using the Nexus Mod Manager, or any other preferred mod manager (Highly Recommended)
B.) Unzip the contents of the "" to (usually) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data
That should add the mod to your load order.
Be sure to activate the mod in-game or via your mod manager!

I'm definitely still working on making new perks, traits, and generally overhauling the game in the ways I want/can, be sure to look out for my official perk pack for this framework whenever it arrives, which I hope can be soon.

I also plan on making a compatibility patch to work with most of the popular perk mods available on the Nexus, most notably:

Be Exceptional by rcoll (Praise be to him)

That will probably be the first thing I'm gonna work on, because I remember promising to make a compatibility patch for it some time ago, and never making good on it, until now, of course :D

Adding a perk or trait is incredibly simple, all you have to do is place the perks you want to show up in the "YAS_PerkList" Formlist, the perks will show up in the order present in the Formlist. Adding a trait is much the same, except you add it to the "YAS_TraitList" Formlist, they, too, will show up in the order present in the Formlist.

To make a skill work correctly with the mod requires a slightly in-depth explanation of how my mod works.
I've devised a system that allows skills to be assigned any number unlockable perks by way of a GlobalVariable for each skill called an "Interval", this interval is the amount of skill points needed for each rank of a perk, take my own Weaponcraft skill for example, it requires you spend 25, 50, 75, and 100 points to unlock each unlock list, which are conveniently numbered 01-04. Unlock lists allow a skill to unlock any number of perks at a given interval, again with Weaponcraft, having 25 points in it would grant the player Blacksmith rank 1, and Gun Nut rank 1, without them having to be explicitly hardcoded into a script. This also allows you to make quick changes to your skills without much trouble.

Each skill has an "Interval", this interval controls the rate at which players gain perks from that skill, say you want your skill to unlock 5 perks by the time it hits 100, you would need to set the interval to 100 / 5, or 20, but you can also just set it to whatever you want, as long as it adds up to 100 or less.

Each skill also has an unlock list with more lists in it, the main list is what the script will sort through, the sub lists hold the perks that will be granted at each interval, "YAS_Unlocks_Weaponcraft03" for example, holds the perks Blacksmith03 and GunNut03, these will be added to the player upon reaching 75 in Weaponcraft.

To add a skill, you need an ActorValue which is the skill itself (Which is added like a Perk or Trait to the "YAS_SkillList" Formlist) , an Interval, which is a GlobalVariable which is added to the "YAS_IntervalList" Formlist, a Main Unlock List, which is added to the "YAS_UnlockList" Formlist, which will just hold the sub lists, and finally you need a sublist for every interval required between 0 and 100 skill, if the interval is 25, you would need to make 4 sub lists, each holding the perks granted at that particular skill level.

I hope I explained it at least somewhat decently, if you're in need of help, don't be afraid to send a PM or comment, I'm always glad to lend a helping hand :D

- Neanka, for making LevelUpMenuEx, wouldn't have
been able to make this mod without it

- rcoll, for inspiring me to make my mod better than ever.

- Bethesda, for continuing to make the Fallout franchise.

And most of all...

You, for supporting my mod, thank you!

Speaking of support, if you want to support me past downloading the mod, you could always support me on...

WAIT! Put down the pitchfork! I can explain!

Firstly, you do NOT need to support me on Patreon if you don't want to, but if you do, I will be able to this stuff more often, and I will be able to put more of it out, as well.

Secondly, you wouldn't be supporting just my mod, but my game development career. And best of all, the games are all gonna be completely 100% free, no microtransactions, no Creation Club-type shenanigans, and no corporation telling me what to do.

Basically, if you pay me per month, any type of amount, you will be able to get free games for however long I'm gonna be able to create them, sounds great, right?

If it does, awesome! You can click below, and become a Patron!
If it doesn't, no hard feelings here, man! It's there if you want to, not because you need to :D