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The go-to for brand new, balanced perks for Fallout 4! From fan favorites like Meltdown to brand new perks, there's a little something for anyone and everyone! Powered by Neanka's LevelUpMenuEX!

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LevelUpMenuEX is REQUIRED!

Mod Configuration Menu is OPTIONAL, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Also requires Far Harbor, Nuka World, and

It is HIGHLY recommended you load You Are SPECIAL LAST in your load order, or things may not work properly!

Also, it is also recommended that you start a NEW game whenever you update You Are SPECIAL, unless it's a minor update.

Thank you so, SO MUCH for donating, it's not at all necessary for me to continue making mods, but thank you SO much if you choose to do so!






There are a few ways we can do this, and the choice is yours:

                                     THE FAST, EASY WAY                                    

Download the mod by clicking on the "Mod Manager Download"
button on the "Main File" yep, that's really all you have to do!


Okay, bear with me here, it's not too difficult to do, I promise!

What you're gonna do is download the .rar file that holds all the sweet modding
goodness I whipped up for you, it should be the top file in the "Files" section.

Next, you're gonna get all that good stuff and put it in your Fallout 4 Data folder, it 
should be "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 4\Data"
if you installed the game normally and not to a custom directory, either way,
you're looking for the "Data" folder.

Once you've located said folder, all you have to do is take all the files from the .rar
and drag and drop them into the folder, overwriting any files that are identical.

If you've done this all correctly, you're ready to play!

                                  RECOMMENDED MODS                                   


|                                   PerkPointsPerLevel by TheLich                                  |
This mod makes it so you can set how many perks you get at any
particular level, I even have a premade config file ready to go!

|                                         Delirium by Ravvynfall                                          |
A great overhaul made by my friend, it adjusts a great many things,
from weapons to enemies, and even adds back some unused content

                                   INCOMPATIBLE MODS                                    

|                                         Be Exceptional by rcoll                                         |
Not technically incompatible, but it will add duplicate skills, make Skill
Point gains unbalanced, and generally will not integrate well with YAS.

This mod is made with the intent to help recreate the classic feel of Fallout 1, 2, 3, and New Vegas
without detracting from the gameplay of Fallout 4.

This mod is balanced around the "Very Hard" difficulty, though this may change with updates.

When you first start a game with You Are SPECIAL, if you've picked up the Pipboy in Vault 111,
you should be shown a menu of Traits, followed by a menu where you can select your Tag Skills.

                      TRAITS MENU                     

                   TAG SKILLS MENU                 

You can choose up to 2 traits, and 3 Tag skills, this is for balance reasons. I may open
up these variables in later updates in the MCM menu for those who want to change them.

Traits give you an advantage and disadvantage, the advantages are usually slightly more
powerful than the disadvantage, though.

BEWARE: Traits cannot be removed once purchased.

TIP: Tag Skills are increased by 15 points permanently.



I'm linking to Google Docs documents because these can and probably WILL change in future
updates, so it'd be much easier to keep them separate from the actual mod page, because
Nexus' description tools could use some work.

Unless stated explicitly, all effects granted by perks are multiplicative, the only exceptions are
any perks that alter Critical Hit chance, damage, or Sneak attack damage, those are additive.


This is really easy to do, all we need to do is figure out the mod index of You Are SPECIAL. In Vortex,
search for You Are SPECIAL in your plugins list, then look for the "Mod Index", it's one of the sorting
options near the top of the menu. Now memorize that number or write it down.

Now we're gonna use that number. In the docs above, you will see numbers following every perk or trait's name,
this is called a FormID, this is how the game stores the data of the perk, now you also see the "xx" before every series
of numbers, this is where the Mod Index goes.

Say my Mod Index is 07 in Vortex, and I wanna add the "Behemoth" trait to my character, what I do is take the FormID,
which is xx002E50 for Behemoth, and then replace the "xx" with 07, giving me 07002E50.

Now, I go to the console window by pressing ~ on my keyboard, then I type in "player.addperk 07002E50" and press
Enter, I now have the Behemoth trait.

When doing this with perks with multiple ranks, you must add each preceding rank before adding proceeding ranks,
you cannot just add Rank 3 and call it a day, you must add Rank 1, Rank 2, and then add Rank 3.


Your character now gains Skill Points every level, these points can be spent to increase
your character's Skills, Skills grant you passive increases to certain statistics, like how much
damage you deal with rifles and pistols, or how much you heal when using Stimpaks.

Your character's Intelligence is divided by 2 (by default) and then added to your skill points
on level up, this is editable in the MCM, but remember this: any time your Intelligence has a remainder,
it is ALWAYS rounded down, therefore, you cannot carry over "half" skill points to subsequent levels.

BARTER (Charisma)
Influences your ability to haggle with merchants for better prices.

+1% to selling prices per point.
-0.25% to buying prices per point.

BIG GUNS (Endurance)
How conditioned you are to firing heavy weaponry,
including the Minigun, Flamer, Gatling Laser, etc.

+1% heavy weapon damage per point.

ENGINEERING (Intelligence)
Your ability to craft and gather useful materials from scrapping.

+0.8% Uncommon materials scrapped per point.
+0.5% Rare materials scrapped per point.

EXPLOSIVES (Perception)
Your ability to properly arm and use explosive ordnance,
including the Fat Man, Grenades, Mines, etc.

+1% explosives-based weapon damage per point.

LOCKPICK (Perception)
Your ability to unlock doors and containers.

Increases the chance that your bobby pin will start in the "sweet spot" of a lock.
Unlocks a new lock difficulty every 25 points.
Allows you to force locks using a specific number of bobby pins, depending on lock difficulty.

TIP: Forcing a lock requires 25 more points than that lock would require to pick normally.
(i.e. an Expert lock would require 75 points, instead of 50)

MEDICINE (Intelligence)
Your knowledge of medicinal and chemical products, and their applications.

+1% chem effectiveness per point. (Included Stimpaks and RadAway)

Your ability to wield one-handed and two-handed melee weapons.

+1% melee weapon damage per point.

SCIENCE (Intelligence)
Your general knowledge of all sciences, and computer use.

Increases the chance that your first password guess at a terminal will be the correct password.
Allows you to hack higher-difficulty terminals every 25 points.
Grants access to the Auto-hacker, an item which can automatically hack terminals.

TIP: Auto-hacking a terminal requires 25 more points than that lock would require to pick normally.
(i.e. an Expert terminal would require 75 points, instead of 50)

SMALL GUNS (Agility)
Your proficiency with rifles and pistols, including the 10mm Pistol, Combat Rifle, Combat Shotgun,  etc.

+1% rifle and pistol damage per point.

SNEAK (Agility)
Your proficiency at staying hidden and pickpocketing.

-0.5% enemy detection rate per point.
+1% pickpocketing chance per point.

SPEECH (Charisma)
How well you can persuade or intimidate others.

+0.5% chance to persuade per point.
+0.95% chance to intimidate enemy per point.

SURVIVAL (Endurance)
Your ability to cook and prepare food and drink.

+1% food and drink effectiveness per point.

UNARMED (Strength)
Your ability to fight using a hand-to-hand weapon, or your bare fists.

+1% hand-to-hand weapon damage per point.


Also some questions that aren't frequently asked but I feel as if I should probably answer them anyway.

Q: Is this mod compatible with other LevelUpMenuEX mods?
A: Yes! LevelUpMenuEX is built in a way that allows any number of mods to add to the perk list, now I probably wouldn't recommend using more than one LevelUpMenuEX mod due to potential overlap (duplicate perks, skills, etc.) but other LevelUpMenuEX mods are definitely not inherently incompatible!

Q: Is this mod compatible with Be Exceptional or ever will be?
A: While not *incompatible* BE is probably gonna add overlapping Skills and Perks, so I wouldn't recommend using it with You Are SPECIAL.

Q: Will you add x Perk or x Skill?
A: It depends on the Perk, but I'm almost assuredly never going to add other Skills, I feel as if they're fine the way they are currently.

Q: New update, when do?
A: My typical release schedule is somewhere between next week to 5 years from now, obviously I jest, but honestly I don't really *know* when to release an update, I usually like to put as much polish as I can into each update, so I would expect a new update about a month or two from the last, though it could take a much shorter or longer time depending on the size of the update.

Q: You done goofed my character! How can I fix this?
A: You most likely didn't load the mod low enough in your list, this can cause any number of potential bugs, it's best to load You Are SPECIAL as low as you can in your load order, to minimize these potential issues. If you're still experiencing issues, please tell me by issuing a bug report in the "Bugs" section of the page.


- F4SE Team, for making the script extender that lets the modding
community continue to create amazing new content.

- Ravvynfall, for being a great friend, and just an all-around amazing guy!

- rcoll, for the original mod that lead to me creating this mod.

- Bethesda, for continuing to make the Fallout franchise.

And most of all...

- You, for supporting my mod, thank you![/font]