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this is a furniture stand alone mod from <Taffinton modern home>
added new furnitures and decorations

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Problem discuss about NMM and Vortex manage:
some people told me the mod does not work on NMM. I have the kind of same problem, but not only my mod. I got NMM on my two PCs. However, both of them can not install and work on any mods. yes, any mods. I am not sure about NMM problem.
Just post it here, wish some one knows about the problem.
I am using vortex to install and uninstall mods instead of NMM, but I still keep NMM in my PC. my NMM can still read ESP files. I can still move ESP files posistion to change priority in NMM, but thats it. NMM no more working on installing mods on my two PCs.. I got no idea.

Require all DLCS. 
craft uninstall chem in chem station>utility.  use the uninstall chem in Pip-boy to uninstall the mod.

V1.61 is an optional version
It added 3 extra types of gold bar.
there are already some gold bar retexture mods, so this is an optional mod.
If you want to use this version. you do not need to download V1.6. They both contain main file.


1. More display case
2. A custom workbench for crafting
3. More fresh foods and items for display ( now they can be crafted in workshop menu as statics but also from design                  workbench and tronic as dynamic items)
4. Fix workshop icons ( now you can see all item icons correctly in workshop menu)  

Notes:1. HZY.Statics can stack on OCDecorator - Static. 
           2. You still need to use dynamic items to display in display case. (you will be fine with it, display cases are all                                   Activators npc will not interact with activators )

3.食物和展示品即可作为静态物在工坊里制作。同时也可以作为使用物品在工作台和贩卖机制作(工作台和贩卖机在hzy的工坊     制作列表中,原始的工坊将无法制作本MOD的物品)

本mod的所有静态物品都可以和OCDecorator中的静态物品堆叠。 但是如果你想使用展示柜,你仍然需要用动态物品才能放入展示柜、


1.Fix uninstall problem. craft uninstall chem in chem station>utility.  use the uninstall chem in Pip-boy.
2. Add three powered switch, allows you power up lights without wires and conductors.
3. Add a tronic that you can craft HZY-foods by bottle caps.
4. v1.6 in process.

V1.3 update:
1. New Couch X 23
2. HD textures.

v1.2 update:
1. BUG: fix missing texture problem ( the problem was caused by incorrect file roots. some models i forget to                                                             change the roots from original Taffinton mod )

2. BUG. fix one incorrect model. (one of the 
furniture models in version 1.0 replaced a door model from                                                               original game , which means in world spaces, all the original doors become                                                         a furniture  )

3. junk items have now better textures and reflections.

           notce: if anyone already downloaded v1.0, please do not use that. 

                     This mod is a  stand alone mod from my another mod <<new taffinton modern house>>
                                                          Added new furnitures and decorations.

you will find them in

Couch X 23
Furniture > chairs

Tables x 9
Furniture > table

Shelf x 7
furniture > shelf

Others x 5
Furniture > misc

Junk items x 8
Chemistry station > utility   

Foods x 3
Cooking station > beverage   

If you have more furniture or decorations suggestion, please list them, your suggestions will be super helpful :)

other problem ?
notice: may cause some clean landscape/ground mods go back to original dirty                      looks, if it happens, move the esp file "hzy-newfurniture.esp" above to                    those clean landscape mods in NMM manager.
                      (This mod did not change any date in game, only added furniture                               and decorations models in workbench)

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沙发  23
桌子  9
橱柜  7
其他  5