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Adds a fully animated and customizable non-PA jetpack that can be upgraded and worn with other armors.

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Thanks to @SnowfirePlays for the sweet poster.

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Take to the skies without that awful T- pose, stick to the ground with jet assisted sprinting, or find a nice middle ground with a nice little jump booster. The CROSS Jetpack features three variations: Jet Sprinter, Jetpack standard, and Jetpack Advanced. Craft the basic Jetsprinter at a CHEMLAB and upgrade it to the more advanced versions. Additionally, if you have CROSS prewar Cybernetics the Jetpack upgrades will show up right in the Cyber Torso's mod list under gadgets/misc, no need to craft a secondary item at all.

Jet Sprinter: Run with ease, reduces sprint cost significantly. Build up some speed while sprinting and jump to gain a large boost to jump height.

Jetpack Standard: The Jetpack without that boring and overpowered power armor, all the features you love, none of the hassle.

Jetpack Advanced: Combine the best of both worlds, Jet sprint for those medium gaps, and Jetpack for those high ledges.

If you want full features make sure to update
CROSS Cybernetics to the latest version!

Customization: Built in 32 colors to paint the jetpack, along with two jet colors. If you use this mod with CROSS Cybernetics (v103 or later) your jetpack can use the same textures/colors as your Cyber Torso.

REMINDER: Screenshot auto-approve is ALWAYS on for all of my mods, showoff your sweet new gear.

Version notes:

Rebuilt the mod almost completely to better fit Bethesda.net standards
--No longer requires Cosmetic Framework to customize colors
--Still hooks optionally hooks into Cybernetics
Cybernetics Gadget mod now uses a separate material from the regular material (still uses same index, no workaround for this)
--When you first add the jetpack to the Cyber Torso a new mod category will appear in the armor-mod list
--Unfortunately this will show as just "Material" at first, but will update to "JetpackTex" when you pick a texture
Cleaned up the VFX scripts a bit, hopefully this will fix crashing issues some people are getting.
Switched to Ba2 archives, all files go in data folder.

v .91

Added Chrome textures for v3 and vBos
--Make sure to use textures with (Jetpack) to make sure they are applying to the jetpack
--Anything dark or black produces the best chrome results (vBoS .21)

Improved Jet visuals by adding some more sparks and smoke puffs
--these are very subtle, still far from the original smokestack effect from the original jetpack FX

Added some fall damage upgrades to the standalone Jetpack
--two tiers of fall damage reduction at 30/60%

Added palette textures to archive
--You'll still need the CosmeticFramework to use color customizations



CRAFTED AT CHEMLAB. Under Utilities. Colors/Size are customized at any ARMORBENCH.


If you are running CROSS Prewar Cybernetics the jetpack will be a Gadget/Misc upgrade for the Cyber Torso.


This mod was made with:
NifSkope, assigning materials/textures.
xEdit, making the plugin.
Material Editor, assigning textures via materials.