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Moves various armor and weapon mods from the Chem Lab to the workbenches given by Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR), Armorsmith Extended, and Crafting Workbenches.

Permissions and credits
Stop cooking your pants.  Seriously. Stahp.

So this mod has a somewhat silly tone, but I want to say I truly appreciate all the hard work the authors of armor and weapons mods out there put into their mods.  I'm not on that level, but it drives me bonkers making clothes in the same place I make my drugs.  That's not immersive!  This mod will restore your Chem Lab to it's intended purpose:  making chems and not pants.


I made this mod for myself because I was tired of having tons of armor and other stuff in my chemistry lab and I decided to put it up for everyone else to enjoy.  

This mod does not contain any meshes, textures, or other assets created by other modders.  Instead, it contains records that move the items from the Chemistry Lab to the workbenches given by Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR), Armorsmith Extended, and Crafting Workbenches.  There are also some name changes for a few to hopefully make the item names less ambiguous and easier to distinguish from other mods.

I don't download every armor and weapon mod that I see, but I'll add one if you suggest it.  I sort of think that individual patches for AWKCR/AE and CW should be up to the original mod authors, so I don't know if that will be something I'll do.  However, if your mod is listed below, feel free to use the record changes I provide as you like or contact me and I will gladly make a standalone patch for you.

Below is a list of mods that you will need as masters for this patch to work.

Pants Freed from Chemical Dependency

Crossbows of the Commonwealth (Added 1.2.0 Moved all bolts to "Other" category of CW Ammo Workbench)
CROSS Jetpack (Added 1.2.0, moved to "Packs")
Survival Outfit Collection (Added 1.2.0, moved to "Rugged Outfits")

The Rebel (Added v1.1.0, moved to "Rugged Outfits")
Commonwealth Minidresses (Name changes: Outfit => "Minidress", moved to Dapper Outfits)
Commonwealth Shorts (Name changes: "Outfit" => "Shorts", moved to Casual Outfits)
GITS Motoko Kusanagi Outfits (Name changes: ex: "GITS outerwear 02" => "Kusanagi Bolero", moved to Dapper Outfits)
Spartan Sniper Outfit (Moved to "Military Outfits")
Nuka Gear (Moved Nuka Gun ammo to "Energy" category of CW Ammo Workbench)
Wearable Postman Shoulderbags (Moved to Packs)
Wastland Sniper (Moved to Rugged Outfits)

Required Mods

The mods below are required as community resources that this mod uses.

Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource
Armorsmith Extended
Settlement Keywords Expanded
Crafting Workbenches (Follow the installation instructions for AWKCR compatibility)

Whoa, too many! How do I do this myself?

I now have a Tutorial here.  Enjoy!


Works on my machine, requires all the mods listed above as masters.  Should also work with Weaponsmith Extended, though it does not require it at this time.  Move it to the bottom of your load order and you should be good.

Made with Fo4Edit.

Version History

v1.2.1 - Fixed an issue with the info.xml file showing the wrong version.
v1.2.0 - Crossbows of the Commonwealth, CROSS Jetback, Survival Outfits Collection freed from chemical dependency.
v1.1.0 - The Rebel freed from chemical dependency.
v1.0.0 - Initial Release.