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A complete set of power armor, power sword, bolter rifle & bolter pistol.
Make your own adepta sororitas!
Now with special delivery by drop pod
Warhammer 40k universe, complete with cloth physics. + More

Permissions and credits

Want some Warhammer 40K power armor to rid the filth in the Commonwealth, Well look no further!

This Modification adds several pieces of power armor with Cloth physics a power sword, bolter rifle.
There is also a face tattoo but this requires looks menu and Looks Menu Customization Compendium to work (see compatibility and bugs).

Go to "Drumlin Diner" to begin.

On a side note, it says power armor but it's not just a Warhammer thing, not to be confused with Fallout 4 power armor. Warhammer fans get it :P

Follow the installer FOMOD, Simples.

Added - Praxedes bolter with custom animations and Fire sound
Added - Helmet with nice glowing eyes.
Updated - Power sword with better stats and added new effects and runes
Added - Carry weight upgrade for backpack
Updated - Outfits skin data to improve with animations
Added - Drop Pod for armor Collection
Added - Quest to claim items
Updated - Files now loose for better compatibility

Initial release

- Includes 2 face tattoos which require Looks Menu Customization Compendium. Pick yes to Replace the two LMCC files. This is the only way to not mess up your other mods. You will find them under Face Tattoos / Face tattoo 6 & 7

- The position on the bodyslide files preview window, this is a known bug with using the 3dsmax niftools. All you can do it just drag up the window.

- Animtextdata folder should be safe to skip.

- Duncans Den mod changes the same cell and is not compatible.

Also, I'm on discord daily if you want help peeps.

- Thanks to Caliente for CBBE, Niftools team for the tools to even do this kind of modding.

- A huge thanks to Games Workshop for Warhammer, Bethesda for Fallout 4

- Thanks to vinovat for media pictures!

- Huge thanks to Vicyorus, Robboten, Reneer for tips advice and help with 1.1!

- Finally a shout out and thanks, for the testers.
  • Thirdstrom - Helping sort cloth physics
  • ItalianDragon - Alpha and beta testing
  • Whttgr - Alpha and beta testing
  • Tyranis101 - Alpha and beta testing
  • ButteredLoaf - Alpha and beta testing
  • xxvvxx - Character overhaul mod / Alpha and beta testing 
  • spyvspyaeon(André) - Alpha and beta testing
  • Blankman - Alpha and beta testing
  • Lazlo - Drop pod falling sound
  • Enijasha - Helped fix the Bolter sound bug and beta tester


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