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Adds more immersive integration of CROSS armors into the world. Changes outfits of few NPCs, adds hand placed locations for some items and disable crafting at chem lab. There is also included separate patch for Lunar Overhaul.

Permissions and credits
The outfits are not added to any leveled lists and can be found only in hand placed locations or on NPCs. Mod should be compatible with other mods that use this outfits inclouding Look at Me series and patches for other mods. Mods that change NPCs faces and other things should be also compatible.

CROSS_Courser Strigidae
- found in institute. worn by all coursers in few wariations, including X6-88. 
CROSS_InstituteExpeditionarySuit - found in Fort Hagen, in institute and on Institute scientists
CROSS_2077 - in Fort Hagen
CROSS_VertibirdFlightsuit - worn by BOS pilots, found near crashed vertibirds
CROSS_BrotherhoodRecon - found on the Prydwen and in Cambridge PD, worn by Helen and Tegan
TheKite's Handmaiden - found in Old North Church, worn by Desdemona 
TheKite's MilitiaWoman Outfit - found in Castle, worn by Ronnie Shaw
CROSS Jetpack - found in ArcJet Systems
CROSS_MojaveManhunter - worn by Fahrenheit, Forgotten Church' deep in the glowing sea

Optional file
Optional file makes balance changes designed for Lunar Overhaul, but it will work without it. 
Balance changes are as followed:
  • Overcoat/ jacket: takes up all armor slots, has railroad ballistic weave slot 
  • Underarmor/ outfit: offers small protection and stats bonuses, has lining slot
  • jetpack: increased falling damage reduction 50% or 90%
  • headwear: sometimes has slot for special upgrades like enemies detection
  • other pieces: offer very small protection or none

If you installed it mid playthrough you may need to use console command (resurrect) on NPC for him to change clothing.
Other useful commands for testing are for example: help ..... 4, player.placeatme ...... 1