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Note: Do not report bugs to the developers of the game if you are using mods!

What this Mod Does:

This mod allows vehicles in the game to have multiple different textures applied to them; recreate your favorite liveries or design your own! Skins are applied on random to newly spawned engines and cars. The skin of a vehicle can be changed using the new Reskin mode on the comms radio - first select the car to reskin, scroll through the available skins, then select the car again to confirm. The mod now also includes parallel loading, caching, and compression algorithms to speed up load times after the first launch.

How to Install the Mod
  1. Download and install Unity Mod Manager
  2. Download the mod
  3. Install the mod using Unity Mod Manager or Extract the archive and put the mod folder into Mods folder of the Game (\Steam\steamapps\common\Derail Valley\Mods).
  4. Run the game

How to Add Skins
  1. Download a Skin
  2. Navigate to the Mod's folder and open 'Skins' folder ( \Steam\steamapps\common\Derail Valley\Mods\SkinManagerMod\Skins\)
  3. Extract the contents of the Skin inside the folder*
  4. Run the game

* Note - The proper skin path should look like this - \Derail Valley\Mods\SkinManagerMod\Skins\<train-car-type>\<skin-name>\<skin-files>

How to Create Skins
  1. Start the game
  2. Hit ESC to open Main Menu (Default is ESC)
  3. Open Mod Manager (Default is CTRL + F10)
  4. Go to 'Skin Manager' and Click the Options Icon to toggle the options
  5. Select a Train Car from the dropdown and click 'Export Textures'
  6. Close the game and Navigate inside the Mod Folder and open 'Exported' folder (\Derail Valley\Mods\SkinManagerMod\Exported\
  7. Get the exported texture(s) and edit it using an image editor
  8. To make sure it's working, move it inside the Skins folder under the corresponding train car type folder and create a folder with your name, so your final skin should look like - \Derail Valley\Mods\SkinManagerMod\Skins\<train-car-type>\<your-skin-name>\<skin-files>

* Note: If you want to share the skin, make sure to upload your skin mods with the train car type folder, so other users will know where to put it.

If you have additional questions or problems with installing or creating skins, you are welcome to join the official Discord server -