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A modding library for Battle Brothers that aims to help the modding community with better compatibility, functionality and accessibility.

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Modding Standards and Utilites (MSU) is a modding library with three general goals: improving compatibility between mods, adding functionality to certain aspects of the game that are lacking, and streamlining the creation of new mods.

MSU is paired with BBParser. This is an application that enables persistent data, which means configurations that stay the same between campaigns. This allows for things such as modsettings, which can easily be created and used with MSU. To learn how to use BBParser, refer to the instruction on the Github wiki:
Use BBParser if you want modsettings to be saved between campaigns.
Generally speaking, it is as easy as starting the program, selecting a file and folder, and letting it run in the background when you play BB or change settings.
If you're on Windows 7, use the BBParser_win7 file instead.

MSU was created by LordMidas, Enduriel and TaroEld.

For a detailed description and documentation, of MSU, refer to our Github repo and wiki:

How to use:
- download the file and place it into \Battle Brothers\data\ without unzipping.
- you'll need modding script hooks

Please give us feedback on topics such as bugs, usability issues, unclear documentation or feature requests via Github issues