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The Red Court is a new origin that adds in a playable party of Necrosavants into the world.
This origin adapts on the story of Battle Brothers and the fallen empire.

It features a new and unique skill tree with multiple events and new backgrounds with story.

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  • English
While the world goes on, another one has preceded it. People have short memories and have all but forgotten about the dangers lurking in dark caves, abandoned shelters and gloomy forests.

These dangers once stood where they do now, at the point of a growing empire that stretched across the known world. Looking inwards for too long can only cause one to become bitter and that is what happened to a few of those terrors that have taken matters into their own hands.

Your condition allows you to do incredible things, at a cost of other things mortals may enjoy.

  • 6 new backgrounds
  • 1 new perktree
  • New events
  • Two new origins
  • 3 new traits
  • A whole new way to play that emphasis mobility and setting up elaborate traps

Russian translation by Dimon485.
Great thanks to Sato, who made this mod possible with his knowledge of brushes.