Battle Brothers

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Characters gain or lose Max Action Points based on Level, Encumberance, Fatigue, Initiative. Allies and Enemies alike. Stays close to vanilla balance. Light armor can be now advantageous.

Permissions and credits
New Mechanics:

Unspent action points restore fatigue. 1:1 ratio.

Mechanics Changed - Action Points. 

Simulates speed based on Level, Initiative and Armor Encumberance.

Action Points Modifiers:

Armor Fatigue - Encumberance
0-4       AP     +2
5-14     AP     +1
15-25           AP       0
26-35           AP      -1
36+      AP      -2

1-2         AP     -1
3-4         AP      0
5-8 AP    +1
9-11       AP    +2
12-14     AP    +3
15-16             AP    +4
17-18             AP    +5
19+                AP    +6

Current Initiative - is reduced by fatigue during combat same as Dodge perk
less than 40          AP    -1
40-80             AP     0
81-120           AP    +1
121-150                 AP    +2
151+      AP    +3

Legends or Modding Script Hooks

Tested with - Compatible with:
Legends PTR mod
Armor Combat Patch

v1.4 : Characters cannot be reduced below 6 Action Points but gain penalty to Defences and Initiative instead. -50% melee, ranged defence and initiative. 
v1.5 : Enemies do not have Levels in vanilla, for this reason better virtual XP AP scaling was implemented for NPCs.
v1.7 : Scaling code reimplemented and scaling reworked. Orc bug fixed.