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Collection of highly customizable UI-Features to improve quality of life. Includes an Overlay Bar rework and Itemfilter rework.

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Main Changes:

- Overlay Bars and Icons during battle are completely reworked. They can now be colored and scaled.
- Add new customizable option to only show overlay bars on characters which are "damaged"
- New missing armor indicator in the formation screen to quickly see who needs a new armor
- Customizable thresholds for the missing health/armor indicator
- Mood Icon in Town/World Screen that either shows lowest mood or average mood of your company
- Removes the delay when clicking an item filter
- New option to hide all empty item slots
- Item Filter also apply to the shop
- Hotkeys for switching between Item Filters (1-5)
- New third highlight options for blocked tiles with a unique highlight for objects blocking visibility

Minor Changes
- Removes the mini helmet, -chest and -health icons on the bars during battle
- Moves Shields from the Armor-Filter over to the Weapon-Filter
- Active filter now have a slight green border
- Adds Support for a warning Icon in Town/World or Formation Screen that can be spawned by other mods.
- The last chosen highlighting option for blocked tiles is now remembered throughout the whole playthrough

Other Information:
- Modding Script Hooks
- Modding Standards and Utilities (MSU)

- Should be safe to remove from- and add to any existing savegames
- UI Mods that cover similar features will likely have conflicts with this mod

- 'Legends' and 'EIMO' work mostly fine with this mod
- 'Undress' will cause crashes with this mod and both use the same spot for their new buttons so better not use them together
- If you prefer the mod 'Armour Indicators' for notifying you about damage armor then you want to go into Options - Misc and turn 'Armor Threshold' all the way to 0 so that only 'Armour Indicators' armor icons are shown.

Known Issues:
- The vanilla behavior of the overlay bars is not fully emulated. Some features were too complicated to implement or were left out on purpose and others I probably didn't notice yet
- Overlay bars of enemies that teleport on hit (Alps) may turn white for a brief second.


If you are interested in modding battle brothers yourself I can recommend the BB Modding Discord Server
It's the best place I know to get help or share knowledge and mod progress.