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Add a new unique Hexe origin where you gather simps for your cause. Feel the spirit of "Gotta catch 'em all" while collecting any human, beasts, orcs, goblins for your company.

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NgGH's Magic Concept
Be amazed by magic!


Here is a summary of what this mod currently has to offer:
- Added Beast of Beasts origin (a meme origin) where you start as the fearsome kraken.
- Added Hexe origin where you start as a hexe to begin your pokemon simulation adventure. Gotta Catch 'Em All!!!
- Most beasts (spiders, wolves, hyenas, serpents, schrats, etc) now can become a champion.
- Added named armor attachment as the unique drop from champion beasts.
- Giest, Winselmutter, Höllenhund can become a champion too. They literally have "Nine" lives.
- Added non-human players (beasts, orcs, goblins) that can be obtained by charming them or from rare special events. Can you believe that you can play as spider eggs :))))
- Added new events (mostly for hexe origin).
- Added new runes (Lucky, Unstable, Thorns, Shielding, etc).
- Goblin players can mount on dogs!!!
- Added a tons of new perks for non-human players and hexe background.
- Enemy beasts can be a bit too strong sometimes :))))

For more information about this mod. Please check out "Articles" tab, i'll update more for you to read.
If you want to contract me for permission to use my assets or private questions about this mod. Please contract me via discord either by DM me "NgGH707#7036" or in submods_chat channel in BB Legends Mod server as i'm usually known as "Certified Server NecrOwOmancer".

Link to its repo on GitHub: here
Link to releases on GitHubhere (recommended since i have been quite lazy to update the mod on nexus)


  • This mod requires you to start new campaign after installation, previous saves will most likely not load. 
  • You can post your own ideals in "Forum" tab, i will look at it and may consider adding it to future updates.
  • English isn't my first language so there's no doubt i could make lots of grammar mistakes, hopefully it won't be a big issue.
  • Stay tune for more update. ^^


This mod requires Legends mod version or newer to run.

Recommended compatible mods:

1. Accessory Companions Legends (wuxiangjinxing's fork): here
2. Perk Tree Rework Legends: here
3. Enduriel's Inventory Management Overhaul (EIMO): here
4. Stronghold :

These are all compatible mods of highly respectable Battle Brother modders. They are all great guys, i really like them.


Put "" in your data directory.

If you have the game on Steam, this is most likely in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Battle Brothers\data"

If this is your first time using mods for the current Battle Brothers version, the game will pop up a warning letting you know you're using mods.

If you find bugs with this mod, please let me know! This is something I use in my own game, so I appreciate any help I can get ironing out issues.


You may also want to remove game saves that using this mod manually. Remove "" from your data directory.