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i get original mod and reworked it as wanted for my playstyle.

Mod requires Modding Script Hooks and MSU.

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WARNING: BroEditor doesn't see "Heavy Injuries" from this mod, so they can corrupt your saves in case of bugs and will not be´╗┐ able to delete them with this instrument. Make recover saves!

it's a rework of No more permanent injuries mod.

Mod rework vanilla death system and give you flexibility to set your own settings. 

Also vanilla game have some events causing permanent injuries (caged barbarian -> eye lose, as example), this mod will not help with them for now.

New icons:
I was unhappy that the vanilla icons didn't fit the names and descriptions of some of the new Heavy Injuries, so I was looking for an artists who could change them. Actually, I found only one, he reworked the Ear Rupture injury icon for the mod, but unfortunately abandoned further work. I had to take care of this myself. I have never been an artist and I understand that the icons I made are awful, but at the moment it is better than nothing, I will try to improve my skills or find a good artist and rework them in the future.

Since version 2.0 added new icons for Heavy Injuries:
Bloodied Eye;
Displaced Leg Fracture;
Ear Rupture;
Fluid In The Lung;
Fragmentation Of Nasal Bones;
Torn Hand Tissue;
Ulnar Tendon Collapse.

All another injuries uses vanilla icons cause they fit perfectly.

Version 3.0.2. is uploaded.
1. Download new version of file.
2. Paste it in your Battle Brothers/data folder without unzipping.

Tip 1: for now mod doesn't have any functionality, that requires BBparser, so you can use mod without it. After some testing i get this:
MSU has 2 systems of mod's settings saving, it's thru BBparser and ingame flags. The second one is always in priority, so, even if you use BBparser, and even if it didn't parsed settings change from log.html file and didn't changed settings file of mod by some cause, mod will load saved settings from inner flags of your game savefile.

Tip 2: after any change in mod's settings menu and click "Apply" or "Save" immediately save your game, it will change flags that are saved in your game savefile and settings will work for this exact savefile.

Tip 3: after testing i founded, that ingame flags will be created in savefile if you run game without working BBparser and rewrite your save at least once. Since that moment flags will be created and all gonna work. If you didn't rewrite your savefile at least once with not working BBparser, numbers will load from working BBparser.

Tip 4: WARNING - if you lose battle or flee from it all your brothers who died in battle will die!

Mod's Heavy Injuries:

Time is now the same for every injury:
Min = 10 days 
Max = 10 days
All injuries now has enormous treatment price, i made it to make them still be a punishment for player's mistakes and brother's fatal hit, but it's now less punishing then death of brother or crippling permanent injury.
You still can treat them by Apothecary's Miracle, it will divide healing time by 2 (Vanilla mechanic).

Name - Bloodied eye
Description - "Blood flooding the eye not only looks repulsive, but also makes it difficult to perceive the image" 
-100% ranged skill
-50% melee skill
-3 vision

Name - Displaced Leg Fracture
Description - "Leg similar to southern swords does not help much to move around, but character can get used to everything if remove the pain."
+1 additional action points per tile moved
+3 fatigue for each tile moved
-30% initiative
content with being in reserve

Name - Ear Rupture
Description - "A rupture ear will allow this character to at least for a while not hear that stupid guy, if sit in the evening by the fire in the right way."
-50% initiative

Name - Fluid In The Lung
Description - "Because of a cut somewhere inside, liquid enters the lungs until it overgrows, turning the character's mouth into a bloody geyser."
-70% max fatigue
-5% max hitpoints
content with being in reserve

Name - Fragmentation Of The Nasal Bones
Description - "Despite the satisfactory appearance, the insides of this character's nose are turned into a swamp, so heal, rest and not sneeze."
-20% max fatigue
-7 fatigue recovery speed

Name - Heavy Heart Contusion
Description - "The heart that was squeezed by the blow weakened this fighter, so fucking, fighting and running around the world will not help, only time and treatment."
-50% max hitpoints
content with being in reserve

Name - Hemispheric Dysfunction
Description - "He literally forgot half of all his skills for a while, it's good that the ability to shit was not included in this half."
+75% experience gain
-50% melee skill
-50% ranged skill

Name - Meniscus Fracture
Description - "The pirate's wooden leg looks less wooden than this character's one, but this will pass with time. Not for a pirate."
-40% melee defence
-40% ranged defence
-40% initiative
content with being in reserve

Name - Missing Phalanx
Description - "The finger-pulling trick has never been so ironic, but with time and healing hand will return its functionality"
-15% melee skill
-15% ranged skill
+5% resolve

Name - Torn Hand Tissue
Description - "The hole in the hand will heal for a long time and excruciatingly painful, but for now it can be used as target for archers."
-25% melee skill
-25% melee defence

Name - Traumatic Experience
Description - "Over time this character will get used to what he seen, but he will never be able to forget."
-75% resolve
content with being in reserve

Name - Ulnar Tendon Collapse
Description - "The inability to move your hand without pain has turned it into an analogue of a tree branch, so now you are a scarecrow until you get the treatment."
-100% melee defence
-100% ranged defence
content with being in reserve