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Build a base for your company. Add buildings, store items, get good trading deals.

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DISCLAIMER: This mod is a Work in Progress. It's rather extensive, so it's very likely that there are some bugs left in this. This might crash your game, and might corrupt a save. It might also not comply with other mods. If you're using it now, you'll be more of a bug- and playtester than an actual user. Make sure to use a copy of your saves. I'll be uploading two versions, where one has cheaper prices to allow for bugtesting. It won't work without the Blazing Deserts DLC, as the retinue screen is vital. It might work without the other DLC, but as I don't know, I've added the requirements.

This mod allows you to build your very own fortress on the map. Here, you can customize what buildings you want, you can use the modified marketplace to store items to free up your inventory, you'll get free supplies over time, and you get favourable trades and high named item chance in the shops. This is supposed to add to the late midgame and the endgame- it's costly, but will allow you to get more nameds and have a convenient resupply point in the wilds, among other boons.
- Build the stronghold using the retinue menu. Click on the cart symbol, and if you have already fully upgraded the cart, you'll get the option. A strong enemy force based on nearby locations will try to destroy your new base.
-Store items and get free supplies in the modified marketplace building
-Upgrade the stronghold to add more building slots, improve the looks and increase your trading deals. This also works by clicking the cart in the retinue menu after having built a stronghold. Like the first time, enemies will try to destroy your base. A band of mercenaries will help you defend. Currently, the naming goes
Fort -> Fortress -> Stronghold.
-After the first upgrade, mercenaries will hang around your base to defend it
-Add or remove buildings to the stronghold
-Add locations to your stronghold, giving either vanilla buffs (like more items in shops) or new buffs (like bigger mercenary bands) (WIP)
-Add a road from your stronghold to other settlements after the first upgrade.
-Hire mercenaries to follow your party after the second upgrade.

I appreciate any feedback, particularly about bugs, balance and suggestions.

To install:
-download the file and place it into \Battle Brothers\data\ without unzipping.
-you'll need modding script hooks