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Armor is more real and less Star-Trek force field style. Compromise between real and original achieved. New Mechanic: internal bleeding and bleeding applied on any significant hit. Gameplay balance mostly unchanged.

Permissions and credits
This mod makes armor take less damage so it lasts longer but soaks 20% less damage per hit. This makes strong armor slightly better in long run because game mechanics base armor absorption on armor points remaining but also makes weak armor weaker.

Core Armor Mechanics Changed:

Applied to all weapons:
- Armor penetration increased by flat amount, as a side effect purposely nerfing two-handers and boosting low-penetration weapons.
- Damage applied to armor is 50% of original.
- Increased damage range. -10/+10 simulating grazing hits and criticals. Average damage is unchanged.
Tooltips of weapons and skills are updated.

- Armor blocking weapon damage penetration is 80% of original.  Vanilla formulae is based on armor points remaining. 8 DR per 100 remaining armor.

New Mechanics: bleeding applied upon any significant hit, added internal bleeding

- Damage to body over 9 applies bleeding equal to 10% of damage per turn. Duration: 2 turns. Also blunt. Curable by bandages.

- Damage to body over 19 applies internal bleeding equal to 10% per turn +1 reduced by 1 per turn. Duration: 2-4 turns. NOT curable by bandages.

New Mechanics:
 kinetic energy - projectiles

- Damage from ranged attacks is reduced by % per distance travelled. Not reduced at 1-2 tiles. Is balanced and was implemented because tests with Legends mod found that bows, crossbows and piercing quivers were overpowered in this mod.


Tested with - Compatible with:
Legends PTR mod
Speed - Action Points Scaled