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"Retired Gladiator" is an origin designed to be a mirror of the "lone wolf" origin - an emphasis on starting from scratch, with a southern twist.
This mod adds in;
Four new backgrounds
Several new events
A new origin
A unique perk tree
Throwing sand at people

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Retired Gladiator is designed to be similar to lone wolf - while lone wolf focuses on heavy armour and two handed weapons the retired gladiator instead uses lighter armour and an emphasis on mobility and speed.

The retired gladiator is not what they used to be - years of wasting away in a dark prison has taken them from an apex fighter to little more than a bitter old man (or woman). As you aim to build up your legacy others will flock to you, inspired by what was the greatest arena warrior in the south.

- Start with no money or renown.
- Start with a retired gladiator, who is light and agile but has their best years behind them.
- Other southerners may seek you out to join your cause.
- You may meet unique characters on your travels.
- All recruits, including the retired gladiator, gain the "throw sand" ability - which distracts the target. This can only be used once per battle per brother but can give you the upper hand against tough enemies.
- Southern backgrounds gain special bonuses like reduced upkeep and stronger combat prowess.
- You may convert indebted into gladiators.