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An in-game item spawner to let you add any item to your stash or just simply to change named item stats or name

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This mod is something i have separated from NgGH707's World Editor mod. As far as i know, the creator of World Editor mod has taken a break from modding and grant me the permission to separate it as a standalone mod. Please give your praise to NgGH707 for his work as i'm not someone who deserve it.

Q1: What can this mod do? Can you tell me it in detail? 
A1: As the name suggested, this mod let you spawn item to your stash via a special UI:
- You can search for the item either with the item name or its ID. Or just click on the filter button without typing any word in the search bar to let the mod load the list of all items corresponding to the type of filter.
- This mod can also help you clone existing items in your stash too, mass clone if you want.
- Reroll the stats of named item or be cheesy and just edit the stats to whatever you want. Remember the "-x-" in the input means the item doesn't support that stat while the "-" in the input means it is random and you can edit that it.
- Rename items but unfortunately it's limited to only a few specific types of item.

Q2: What is the keybind to open the item spawner screen?
A2: The default keybind is SHIFT + I but you can change the keybind to whatever you like in the mod setting.

Q3: Which item can i change its name?
A3: Due to how the game works, not all items are capable of saving its name so currently only named items and pet items (wardog, warhound, warwolf, Accessory Companions mod's pets) can change and save its name. Legendary item can't change name though.

Q4: I'm a fan of Legends mod. Is this mod compatible with it?
A4: Definitely. To be honest the original creator of this mod had made it for legends only. I only spent more time to make sure it works with vanilla Battle Brothers too.

Q5: Is this mod save friendly?
A5: This mod can be installed/removed without affecting to your save so Yes!!! it's save friendly.

Q6: I have a few mods add very cool items. Can i use this mod to spawn those item?
A6: Of course, this mod can do that as long as those modded items aren't coded badly or be intended only for non-player.

Q7: Any known incompatible mod?
A7: This mod has very high compatibility in my opinion. The only mods it's not compatible with should be those that add new items but coded badly, otherwise, you should see the new items in the list.

Q8: Can this mod let me spawn a Fangshire helmet?
A8: No, you need to have the relevant dlc to be able to spawn that item. 

Tips: Change the max condition value of a named weapon to 1 make said weapon becomes indestructable thus can't never be broken. Infinite durability! This "1 max condition" thing is originally a thing in the game code not from any mod XD.

Recorded Incompatibilities:

Incompatible with Camps and Artifacts (Reworked) and Expanded Camps and Artifacts mods. (this is not a mod conflict i can resolve, only the authors of these mods can fix it)

How to use:

- Download the file and place it into \Battle Brothers\data\ without unzipping.
- You need modding script hooks but if you are using legends, then DO NOT download modding script hooks as legends has already included it.
- You also need modding standards and utilities in order to run this mod.