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Forbidden Knowledge adds an origin for Legends where you play as a random Brother who has learned the secrets of necromancy. You may teach others your necromantic secrets, and your avatar has access to a long list of powerful necromancer abilities. If you die, however, the game ends.

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You find an arcane tome full of forgotten secrets, granting you awesome power... but should you use it?

Forbidden Knowledge adds an origin that allows you to control a random battle brother who has been given the powers of necromancy. There are no special benefits or weaknesses, you start as a random background who acts as your avatar. When people die, there's a small chance that they'll come back as undead, and the Brink of Death perk greatly increases this chance. Your necromancer can teach the other smart members of your company their secrets, or assemble an undead, tireless army. Later in the game, you have the option of becoming a mighty lich, capable of strangling the soul out of your enemies.

Requirements: Legends 18.1.1+, MSU

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