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A re-written Quicker/Faster with icons, easily adjustable speeds, increased performance, and an event frequency fix. With adjustable keybinds and settings!

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The main improvements over Quicker are the UI improvements that have been added, partially thanks to a reliance on MSU.

If you have the ability to and want to support what I do please


When on the worldmap, your current speed is now visible thanks to the new speed multiplier buttons, there are now 5 buttons, corresponding to the 3 vanilla speeds + the 2 newly added speeds.

The keybinds for those speeds are fully rebindable to whatever combination of keys you'd like thanks to MSU Keybinds.

Combat speed is adjustable with a slider for easy adjustment from 1.0 to 4.0 or the same f1-f4 keybinds (which can be rebound) as with the original faster, this speed is saved with your save file in a non-savebreaking way, and therefore only needs adjustment once per new game.

The event frequency issue that has plagued the vanilla game at higher speeds has been fixed, by increasing how often events get checked per frame proportionally to the game speed.

There is also an event frequency setting to allow the player to additionally adjust event frequency however they wish.

The worldmap speeds of escorting caravans and camping are now also adjustable, unlike with any of the older mods.

Also has a special Magda Mode, what does it do?!

Requires modding script hooks and MSU.