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This mod is a revamp of the old "Get Loot Without Last Hit", that has been rewritten and made compatible for legends. Every enemy (or ally killed) should now drop their items for you, regardless of the killer. Doesn't yet work for monsters' loot.

Permissions and credits
UPDATE 27/08/2023:
Make sure you have the 1.1.1 version of the mod, as the version 1.1.0 might be the cause of previous reports errors.
UPDATE 03/07/2023:

Be advised that the mod might be broken in it's current state for version 16.4.3 of legends or higher.There has been a report of items not dropping from your own brothers and from enemies, on the version stated above.
For the moment I can not look into it in details but if you run into this scenario and want to help, send me a DM on nexus  or on discord (you can find me in the BB Legends Mod discord under the username Waterplouf, don't forget to state in the DM the purpose of contact).

Steps to take if you get a bug:
Save the log.html file right after the bug (do NOT relaunch the game before, as it regenerate the file) that is in the folder C:\Users\[your_name]\Documents\Battle Brothers. Contact me and send me the file if possible.Be advised that some personal information are contained in the file, such as hardware information and path file to said file, meaning potentially your windows user name. If you want to obscure that information and don't know how, I am more than willing to help you before you send the file.


This Mod is a submod for Legends.

It rewrites the behaviour of how equipped items are dropped from enemies, eliminating the checks that would make the loot unlootable when killed by another faction than the player's one otherwise.

For this reason, it only work for "equipped" items (ie: in equipment slots and pockets) and doesn't work for monsters' loot.

Installation: Place the .zip (don't unzip it !) in your BB/data folder.

This is my first mod, so I hope you will enjoy it ! Please let me know here or on the bb legends discord if you see any problems.

A big thanks to the whole BB moddings community for their help and advices on how to start modding, and to paintrain and abysscrane for helping with testing the mod.