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The mod adds a large number of small changes for a more balanced and varied gameplay, with some strengthening of many enemies towards the mid-late game.
It is highly recommended to install More Scaling mod by TaroEld increase the difficulty in the late game. )

Permissions and credits
Quick Summary

  • Many changes to enemies to make them more balanced but also more challenging, especially in mid-late game
  • Looting strategies are nerfed in many ways from puncture to enemy early days gear 
  • Buying armor and some of top-tier weapons made cheaper
  • Improved armor selection for the player, with new perks and armor balance (as opposed to either Battleforged or Nimble builds)
  • Changes to many weapons that were not very exciting before such as Spetum, Two-Handed flail, Bucklers and many others.
  • Two Handed Weapons will now require Mastery to be as effective as in Vanilla (no longer can be easily used by anyone)
  • Perks improved and Rebalanced, added 3 new perks.
  • Ranged Defence made more attractive with some perks using this attribute and changed AI behaviour of ranged enemies.
Since there are many changes, a more detailed patch note is presented in the document below, in English and Russian:

English Patchnote 

Русский Патчноут 

It is recommended to start a new company.

Version update required with every patch of the game.

1. Download the zip, and place it in: steamapps/common/Battle Brothers/data
2. There is no need to unzip it. (To uninstall just remove the zip file from the data directory)
3. Requires the latest version of Battle brothers, Blazing Deserts, Warriors of the North, Beasts and Exploration and Lindwurm DLCs

Discord server with chat for your questions and ideas, also with pre-release test builds.

Belial (DePraestigusDaemonum)

Special thanks to
TaroEld for his scaling mod
 and everyone who gave us new ideas and tried the test version