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A collection of Requiem patches I've made for my own lists. Includes patches for base Requiem and 3BFtweaks +. Just a few right now, more coming soon.

Permissions and credits
Who doesn't love a good patch!? You want em', I got em'.

Details about each patch are available in the articles tab, PLEASE READ IT. It has important info regarding compatibility and load order advice when applicable. 

Patches and tweaks below have a Requiem and 3/B/Ftweaks version available unless stated otherwise.

------------PATCH LIST------------

  Helps To Have Equip-able Maps (A mega patch made to overhaul fast travel)
 Dovahniques Diverse Deathbells 
 Better Burst Enchantment Visuals 
(Ftweaks Only)
 BURP Spell Tomes 
(Ftweaks Only)
 Requiem - Rock Trap Nerf
(Requiem Only)
  Elemental Staffs 
 Stendarr Paladin Armor Set
Unique Uniques
 Artefakes - Unique Artifacts Replacer
JS Unique Utopia Daggers
(Ftweaks Only)
Gauldurbrand - Gauldur Weapons Replacer
Better Shrouded Armor
Armor and Clothing Extension Robes Only
(Ftweaks Only)
 Nordwar Simple Guard Helmets
Third Era Alchemy Equipment
Repair Kit - Portable Tempering

(Ftweaks Only)
Repair Kit - Animated Portable Tempering
(Ftweaks Only)
Praedy's Staves AIO
(Ftweaks Only)
Unplayable Faction Armors (Vigilant Armor Replacer)
(Ftweaks Only, edited esp with permission from JDJ3)
Tasteful - Food Sound Remake
(Ftweaks Only)


More patches coming soon, just wanted to get these first few up.
Patches in the works for AI Overhaul (for Ftweaks), Book Covers of Skyrim (mega patch) and more.
A basic FOMOD is available so you won't have to sift through everything to find what you want, but all individual files are available in the optional files.

 HUGE thank you to ProbablyManuel, The Requiem Dungeon masters, Havochot, and the 3tweaks community for all the love and care that goes into making these overhauls that we all use. 
Another big thank you to Billyro and Artsick, who's open permissions assets were used in Ftweaks - Unique Weapons Models Replacer.