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This mod allows you to eliminate NPC greetings altogether or reduce the distance required for NPC's to greet you.

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Are you tired of Nazeem whenever you cross paths with him boisterously saying how you don't get to the Cloud District very often? Well, I've got the mod for you! With No NPC Greetings, you can completely shut him up! 

UPDATE: Obligatory Nazeem video. Thanks for the endorsements! 

Update2: I hope this mod gets ported. Nazeem bringing the Cloud District to your enemies


This mod allows you to eliminate NPC greetings altogether. Never will they bother you anymore from a mile away! 

There are other versions of the mod which reduces the distance required for NPC's to greet you, choose the option most comfortable for you. 

This mod does affect:
  • the distance the NPC's will greet you from

This mod doesn't affect:
  • Encounters/Radiant Quests
  • NPC-to-NPC conversations
  • Commentaries from your follower
  • NPC's from being arrogant pricks when you do actually talk to them 

Created using SSEEdit


Congratulations, friend! You are only one step away from eliminating this NPC annoyance. Select one of the three plugins. Descriptions for each provided below: 

    No NPC Greetings : Completely eliminates NPC greetings towards the playerReduced Distance : Makes it so that the NPC should literally bump into you first or vice versa to greet you.Slightly Reduced Distance : More immersive, NPC's still greet you but at a closer distance compared to Vanilla.Slightly Reduced Distance xwize version: More than Slightly Reduced Distance, but still less than Vanilla.

Should your load order become full, my mod is completely safe to be merged with any mod to save space. Not many mods change the setting this mod touches, after all


Should you wish to go back with yapping NPC's in your game, simply deactivate the mod in your choice mod manager or remove the mod outright from Skyrim Special Edition\Data


This should be compatible with everything as long as they do not edit the following GMST value: fAiMinGreetingDistance.
I recommend getting SSE Edit if you have doubts. 
This is completely safe, won't break your game! 

Compatible with Realistic Voice main file. 
But if you use the Realistic Voice with natural social behaviors variant, install the mod of the same name in the optional file instead. Alternatively, you can just load my mod after his mod. 
Compatible with Immersive Citizens. 


Based on the original mod from Cipscis. I only tweaked the values to allow for reduced distance. 
"The changes made by this mod are so tiny and inconsequential that I really don't mind what you do with it, but if you make it available after making changes please provide a link to my version of the file on the Nexus and make it clear that the file you're offering isn't all my work."

Link to the original mod:

(Basically changes the same setting, only difference is in the plugin header. ESP's from Oldrim are known to corrupt saves over time)

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Thank you for all the endorsements, words of support, and donations!