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Port of Jokerine's new Dungeon from Oldrim to SSE.
What lurks behind the lids of the frozen sarcophagi?

Permissions and credits

Official port of the Icebound Crypt from original Skyrim to SSE by Jokerine.  All credits go to her for the design and implementation.  Many thanks for allowing open permissions to port it over.  The original mod can be found here:

The Mystery of Icebound Crypt

The .esp has been run through the Creation Kit and saved in form 44.  No cleaning was necessary as Jokerine did this in TE5Edit.  The meshes and textures were processed with the newest version of the SSE NifOptimizer (3.0.5) for compatibility with SSE.  Please let me know if there is any issues as I have a copy of the non-optimized version as well.  Please note that this mod is offered as-is and will not be getting any support as Jokerine has retired from modding.  I have it installed in my game and everything works fine including the scripts and voices.  Its a rather small Dungeon but is pretty cool and can be used as a player house once the quests are completed if so desired.  The choice is yours.

Important!  Please note that I will delete any posts that reveal spoilers!  Some players might want to actually figure it out on their own without having some tool in the post section reveal how to progress the story.  If you have trouble progressing, please refer to the post section on the Oldrim page to find out how to keep going without getting frustrated.

The only thing that might be affected is where the note is placed at The Frozen Hearth on the pole.  If any mods that alter that area like JK's Skyrim and others,  it might cause the note not to appear.  Please read the posts from the Oldrim page that Jokerine wrote on how to solve it.  Also please note that if you have an older potato PC,  you might have framerate issues as the beginning area is kind of tight but Jokerine added a lot of static objects as to minimize this. 

Here is the original description from Jokerine on the Oldrim page:


This mod was built for the /r/SkyrimMods Modding Contest. Please go to the submissions thread and check out all the awesome entries!

Hello everybody! This small mod is a voice-acted little dungeon I've been working on and off for the "Boss Battles" modding contest. What could
lie beneath the dusty sarcophagus lids?

The file has been cleaned with TES5EDIT, does not require any DLC, is fully navmeshed and has a handful of very lightweight scripts (courtesy of my partner in crime), so it should be safe for everybody to use. Still, you should always make a backup save before installing ANY mod, in case something goes

                                                                                             == WHAT ==

The new dungeon, a mysterious crypt west of Winterhold aptly named Icebound Crypt, is a tiny two-cell affair, nothing huge. All containers in the new dungeon are safe and will not respawn, so it can be used as a player home if you so desire. Inside you may or may not find some new weapons, a
whole buncha loot, and more.

I'd recommend you install this mod by a certain very talented modder to increase your enjoyment.

                                                                                            == WHERE ==

                                                  To get started, head to Winterhold and read the note stuck to the entrance of The Frozen Hearth.

                                                                                      Slightly spoilery super-duper awesome trailer below!


                                                                                                  == HOW ==

To install, extract the contents of your downloaded file to your "Steam/SteamApps/Common/SkyrimSpecialEdition/Data" folder. Then activate the mod through your preferred launcher by ticking the checkbox next to the esp.
Or you can use the Mod Manager to download the mod automatically. To uninstall, simply delete the files from your Data folder, and you're good to go. Have fun!

                                                                                                   == FAQ ==



- I hate [thing] and [thing] and [thing]! You should have done [thing] and [thing] instead! And while you're at it remove [thing] and [thing] and add [thing] and [thing]! And [thing] is NOT LORE FRIENDLY! FIX THIS!
- This isn't a restaurant. If you don't like something, use the console to disable it, remove it with the Creation Kit or TESEDIT, or sell it off. In other words...

- I don't like the new crafting stations! They make no sense or something! Change them!
- Nah. Using the same furniture every single time gets boring, and I was having trouble fitting everything in. In other words...

- I'm lagging all over the place! Help!
- There's a lot of stuff in the new dungeon. I optimized it with roombounds and the like, but, if you're playing on a coal-powered machine, you will definitively have some performance loss. Sorry.

- I hate everything being static! I wanna pick things up!
- First, the place is tiny and clutter would be flying around all the time. Second, it would also greatly hurt framerate to have so many little things moving around at once and the dungeon is already rather demanding. And third, it gives me much more freedom when it comes to decoration. In other words...

- Can I use some of these files on my own mod?
- A bunch of things I'm using are already modder's resources, so just look around the credits tab to look for what you'd like to use. If you cannot find the thing you want there, it probably means I made it myself. Feel free to ask if you're not sure.

- Is this compatible with [mod]?
- If you have a mod that makes heavy changes to Winterhold, there could be issues, although my mod is as clean as I could make it. If you find any conflicts, please let me know so I can list them here.

- How come the mod looks different in my game than your screenshots?
- I am using several retextures in my own game and my own SweetFX preset, so results may vary.

- The mod is awful/glitchy/buggy/etc. I am going to uninstall it and I must let everybody know!
- Sad to see you go~

- The mod sucks!
- So does a vaccuum cleaner ;)


Load Order:  I suggest using LOOT or another optimization tool or some general common sense if you have been modding for a while
for optimum placement

6-05-2018:  Version 1.0   Initial release for Skyrim SE

Jokerine:  For the original mod and allowing open permissions to port over some pretty cool mods to SSE
bchick3:  For a great guide that allowed me to port over some pretty cool mods like this one
Bethesda:  For making Skyrim SE
The Nexus Community: For a great and supportive community that makes gaming really fun and keeps it fresh.  Thank you!

Jokerine has stated that all of her mods are free to use and can be converted and modified without permission.  She has also given open and free permission to port her mods to other games including Skyrim SE.  After a discussion with a moderator,  we both felt it was a good idea to post a link to Jokerine's profile stating that this is so.  If you would like to view this yourself,  her profile can be found here:

Jokerine's Nexus forum profile

My other ports from Jokerine:

My other ports from Oldrim:

This mod is not to be sold under any circumstances.  Jokerine made that very clear in her profile.  If you see this mod being sold anywhere,  its an illegal copy and should bereported immediately to a Nexus moderator.    I am not the original Author,  Jokerine is. 
If you want to show appreciation,  please consider endorsing the original mod.  If you like this mod,  please endorse it. 

Final Thoughts:

This is another simple port from Jokerine that worked out really well.  I have other Jokerine mods to port over around the holidays.  These are themed and will be brought over at the right time barring any issues with meshes,  CTD's and worldspace issues and other mods altering the areas.  Let me know if there is any issues with the file.  Enjoy the port and good luck.