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Port of the Golden Egg Treasure Hunt from Oldrim to SSE by Kahjiit Raj.
Keep your wits about you and your eyes peeled to collect these rare, unusual and powerful items from throughout Tamriel and beyond.

Permissions and credits
Port of the Golden Egg Treasure Hunt from original Skyrim to SSE by Kahjiit Raj.  All credits go to him for the design,  scripting and implementation.  Many thanks for allowing open permission to port this to SSE.  The original mod can be found here:

Golden Egg Treasure Hunt 1_2_2


The .esp has been saved in form 44 in the Creation Kit.  No ITM records were found so no cleaning was necessary.  I ran the meshes and textures through the latest version of the NifOptimizer (3.0.6) to insure compatibility with SSE.  I also ran the azzendix water script fix and it processed 17 records so no water seams should appear by any of the eggs in the world outside and users of Realistic Water Two by isoku should not have issues either.  Any eggs that needed to be changed in xEdit to comply with the new version of the USSEP have been done so.  Users should not have any issues with this mod at all and there should not be any conflicts with other mods as well.  I have converted and uploaded version 1.2.2 of the original mod.  I will include the changelogs made by Kahjiit Raj in his original description below.  I have also included the original credits of the others who contributed to the original mod from the description page.  That list can be found toward the bottom of the page and will be listed in the "Permissions and credits" tab above.

This is a straight port from Oldrim and is offered as-is.

Please post cool pics of the eggs as you find them including the elusive Golden Egg.  I would love to see players pics of any eggs you find but please try and not write any spoilers of where they are.  It kinda takes the fun away from the hunt.  No permission needed to post pics.  Just upload and submit.  Have fun with the Egg Hunt!

If you like treasure hunting,  I have ported over other mods from Oldrim that I think you will like.  Both are fantastic mods done by great authors and I highly recommend them if you like to go after treasure stuff:

Hidden Treasures SSE  by Ironman5000
Underwater Treasure SSE  by Jokerine

Here is the description by Kahjiit Raj from the Oldrim page:



Keep your wits about you and your eyes peeled to collect these rare, unusual and powerful items from throughout Tamriel. Hidden throughout the land
of Skyrim are 230 eggs in 50 unique textures. Each egg grants the player a powerful potion effect when consumed, some of which are unique to
this mod, like teleportation, night eye, ghostveil, and invincibility. The eggs are also worth 500 gold each so they can be sold to vendors for profit as well or just kept and used as unique decorations for your houses. Each egg will also tell you a little bit about itself (where it comes from, how it was made, etc.) when picked up (examples below).

Example: "These mysterious Spinel Eggs vibrate gently when held. They appear to be early Ayleid prototype memory stones."

Example: "These Molten Eggs are said to have been forged inside an Oblivion Gate during the Third Era crisis in an attempt to create a weapon to thwart
Mehrunes Dagon's plot to conquer all of Nirn and the Mundus."

The Eggs

These eggs are truly scattered far and wide but I did keep some guidelines to make things a bit more reasonable. Some of the eggs are out in random
wilderness locations but most are near something that would normally be of interest to the player. Many of the eggs are also hidden in dungeons,
caves, caverns, ruins, hide outs and other hostile interiors. In fact, there are eggs in almost every "hostile interior". There is usually only one egg per interior location but there may be more than one on occasion just to keep you guessing. None of the eggs are in towns or cities and only a few can be found in other friendly locations. None of the eggs are hidden in containers like barrels, or chests, but some are in open containers, like baskets, and crates. Some of the eggs are up high and some are down low. Some will be in plain sight and some are very well hidden. Some eggs are more rare than others. There is only one
Golden Egg, two Black Eggs, three of each of the Nine Divine Eggs, and five of each of the other 39 egg types.

The Golden Egg

The Golden Egg is a unique egg: There is only one in the entire land of Skyrim. Crafted by the Divines themselves, it will grant you the power of a god for a short time.

The Goal

Challenge yourself to find all 230 eggs or just enjoy the chance of finding something unique along the way as a reward for staying observant and traveling off the beaten path. The eggs have many uses, from extra gold to powerful potion effects, or even beautiful decorations for your home. However you decide to play with it, I hope you will have more fun in Skyrim because of this mod. Good luck!

The Lore

The lore information that will pop up when an egg is acquired was mostly written by players who frequent various lore forums, especially the official Bethesda forums. I also got a lot of help with these from Chevenga, who wrote all of the lore attached to the Nine Divine eggs. A great big *Thank you!* to everyone that participated in this project.

The Cheat

If you need to reacquire eggs lost after a revision or mod/game reinstallation you can use this cheat to spawn a chest that contains all 50 egg types. Note that eggs taken from the chest will not have lore attached to them. Unfortunately: The script is attached to the object reference in the world and not the editor form.

Here's the cheat commands:
Open the console (by default, press the tilde key "~").
Type the following text, and then press Enter: "help goldenegg"
You will only see one item ID pop up for the Golden Egg Chest.
Type the following text, and then press Enter: "player.placeatme (Item ID)"
Close the console (press the console key again"~").
Open the chest and take out the eggs you lost, and then close the chest.
Click the chest . (Its ID will appear on-screen when it's selected.)
Re-open the console (press the console key again"~").
Type: "disable", and then press Enter."

The Updates

Before the February 15th up all updates were bug fixes. With the February 15th update comes a small addition to the mod and several (hopefully the last) bug fixes. The new addition is a book called "The Lore of Lost Eggs". It can be found near the location of the Golden Egg. It contains all of the lore snippets from the 50 different egg types and is written in a lore-friendly way.

Version Information

Version 1.0 - First release.

Version 1.1 - Fixed several stuck eggs. Cleaned out dirty edits that could havebeen affecting some dungeon triggers. Edited all lore strings with the
help of Chevenga for grammar, punctuation, and consistency.

Version 1.2 - Fixed more stuck eggs. Updated to work with newest version of Skyrim. Added "The Lore Of Lost Eggs" book near the Golden Egg location.

Version 1.2.1 - Fixed inaccessible egg in Wolfskull Cave.

Version 1.2.2 - Re-fixed the eeeevil Wolfskull Cave Egg...again. Fixed the texture issue with Opal Egg.



Wandering Soul
Elder Scrolls Wiki

Lore Snippets:

Haute Queteure
Lady Nerevar
Floor Below

Suggestion and Inspiration Credits:



Khajiit Raj:  For the original mod and allowing open permission to port.  Many thanks.
All the others credited:  For contributing to this mod and making a great treasure hunt for players of SSE
bchick3:  For making a great guide that helped me port over a cool mod like this
Bethesda:  For making Skyrim SE
The Nexus Community:  For a great bunch of people that have been supportive and have made gaming and modding fun.  Thanks so much!

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This mod is not to be uploaded to another website or sold under any circumstances.  It is a Nexus exclusive and its going to stay that way.   I am not the original author,   Khajiit Raj is.  If you want to show appreciation,  please consider endorsing the original mod.  If you like this mod,  please endorse it.