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Alternate book fonts, including Planewalker (Magic Cards) from Morrowind.

Permissions and credits
This is just a bring over from Oldrim to SSE from the original page by evercharmer.
Original mod can be found here:

Alternate Book Fonts
There is not an official SSE page for this so I decided to add it in case anyone looking through UI mods came across this instead of hunting for ones on the Oldrim page.  This mod is intended for Immersion and role playing and players that are actually interested in reading the books in the game but don't like the original font used by Bethesda.  I am not a big fan of it and plan on changing it myself.  I have included 2 pics in the gallery of the default font to show how it compares to the other 6. 

If you like this mod and want another one that's a great complement to it,  try my other port from Oldrim that keeps track of all the books you have read:

Reading List SSE



Adds 6 new fonts for the books in the world.  Currently these are the fonts you can choose from:

  • Cheboygan
  • Datura
  • Magik
  • Michaelmas
  • Old Typefaces
  • Planewalker

If you don't like any of the fonts here,  evercharmer added this to the description part of the page on how to convert your own fonts for the books:

If the font you want isn't up here and its licensing doesn't allow for conversion, you can do it yourself. Using the sIRF Generator
(, you can convert ttf font files to swf files, which the game can use. Note that some fonts may not have all the
characters necessary, and I've found that some don't work even if they do though I can't figure out why. After this, you need to edit the file
'fontconfig.txt' in your interface folder like so:

Add the following line:
fontlib "Interface\yourfontname.swf"

And change the following line:
map "$SkyrimBooks" = "SkyrimBooks_Gaelic" Normal
map "$SkyrimBooks" = "yourfontname" Normal

Obviously, replace yourfontname with whatever you called the swf file.

If you're using another mod that edits fonts, you'll likely have to edit the fontconfig.txt as shown above.

If you're installing things manually, remember to back up the files it overwrites.

evercharmer:  for the original mod from Oldrim
Bethesda:  For Skyrim
The Nexus Community:  For a great bunch of people that have made the modding community to be what it is today.

evercharmer stated that the fonts listed above were ok to use in this mod for licensing reasons stated on their respective pages.  Please see the permissions and credits above.

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Extra thoughts:
Just thought that I would like to add this to SSE because I felt the vanilla book font was so so.  evercharmer is not supporting the old mod anymore.  Use this mod as you see fit.  The only issue that might arise is the use of the fonts themselves for other reasons and licensing.  Enjoy!