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Adds 27 new magically infused alcoholic beverages to the game. They are spread across Skyrim in various towns and taverns. Each drink gives the player a permanent and unique \'active effect\' bonus. e.g. Hearty Hops +10 Health. A book with clues as to the drinks locations can be found at The Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood.

Permissions and credits
This is the official port of The Drunkards Drinks from original Skyrim to SSE with full permission from the original author.  Many thanks for allowing me to do this conversion.  All credits go to FatalisticZero for the design and implementation.  The original mod can be found here:

The Drunkards Drinks

The .esp has been converted with the CK into form 44.  No cleaning was necessary.  I also ran the azzendix water fix script and it cleaned a couple of records.  No water seams will appear in the area.  The meshes and textures have been converted with the most recent version of NifOptimizer to comply with SSE.  I went to all the locations where the potions are and all of them showed up for me.  I tested the mod and took quite a few screenshots to prove that the mod works.  This is a straight conversion from Oldrim and is offered as-is.  FatalisticZero  has given me full permission to convert and modify the original files. 

Important information 1!! 
Please keep in mind that other mods can cause the potions not to appear.  I can confirm that all of Arthmoor's town expansion mods work fine.  No issues were detected at all.  I do NOT use JK's Skyrim so I can't confirm the compatibility with this mod at all.  I don't think there will be an issue as its only a potion bottle placed in a specific spot.  I highly doubt most town overhaul mods won't affect their placement.

Important Information 2!! 
When you drink the potion for the first time you are going to see an effect show up in the upper right corner.  Make sure to let this wear off first and then open your inventory again and confirm that the permanent effect is applied.  I will reiterate this in the original description by FatalisticZero below.

Important Information 3!! 
Please remember that these are potions and are not static objects. Therefore they can knocked around like any other potion.  NPC's and your sidekicks might run into the potion and knock it over.  Before submitting a post,  please make sure to look around the immediate area for the drink in case this happens.  Best thing would be to have followers wait and then look for it yourself without them running into it first.  I found all the potions and my companions actually bumped 2 of them when they came running up to me from wherever.  Otherwise the other drinks were not an issue with followers or placement.

  • AddItemMenu:  No. Kdoggg1971 reported this as not being compatible.  Apparently the mod "sees" this mod but because there are no assets attached to it,  trying to access any item from this mod causes a CTD.  Use at your own risk.  I do not use AddItemMenu so I won't be making a patch for it.  If someone can figure out the issue in the CK and provide a patch for it,  I will post it here and give the modder full credit for the work.  Many thanks to Kdoggg1971 for his help on this issue.
  • RND: Yes.  Onichu made a patch for it so this mod can be compatible with it.  Many thanks to Onichu for the patch and all credits go to him.  You can find the file in the files tab under Optional files.

If you like Treasure Hunting mods,  then you will really like my ports from Oldrim that would complement this one very well:

Load Order:
I would recommend using LOOT to sort this one for you.  Mine is placed much more higher up in my load order but LOOT may adjust this.  Otherwise if you have been modding for a while then use the logical placement for optimization. 

Here is the description from the Oldrim page:


This mod adds 27 new magically infused alcoholic beverages to the game. The drinks are spread across Skyrim in various towns and taverns. Upon drinking, each beverage gives the player a permanent 'active effect' bonus of some kind. e.g. Hearty Hops - +10 Health. When in the players inventory, all of the drinks sit under the 'food' tab.

This mod is meant to provide some challenge and entertainment and as such the player must use their mind to find the magical drinks. A book titled 'The Drunkards Book' can be found somewhere in The Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood. This book contains various rhymes/poems riddles and clues regarding the location of the drinks.

“Various alcoholic beverages infused with magical properties have been spread out across the cities and towns of Skyrim.
The drunken wizard who created them has left a book containing clues on where to find them at The Sleeping Giant Inn in Riverwood.”

Proper Drinking etiquette

1. Drink a beverage taking note of the bonus it is meant to give.

2. DO NOT OPEN inventory for a few seconds, when you drink one of the drinks it adds an active effect for a second or two. After this effect wears off a new effect should be added to your active effects tab in the magic menu, this is the permanent bonus...Sometimes if you open your inventory too fast the first temporary active effect might still be in effect. If this is the case close your inventory wait for the active effect to end, then the permanent one should be added to your active effects tab.

3. Check your active effects tab, looking for the name of what the drink increases, e.g. If you drank Titan on Tap, look for a "Fortify Heavy Armour" effect under the active effects tab, when you put your mouse over this active effect the name of the source shouldshow as Titan on Tap.

List of drinks and effects

27 Drinks total


Hearty Hops - +10 Health
Green Fairy - +10 Stamina
Mystical Mead - +10 Magicka

>Combat Skills<

Barbarian Beer- +5% Two handed Damage
Samurai Sake - +5% One handed Damage
Centurion Cider - +5% Damage Block
Deadeye Daiquiri - +5% Damage with Bows
The Anvil- Improvements on armour and weapons are 5% better
Titan on Tap- +5 Heavy Armour skill

>Stealth Skills<

Brewers Brew-Created Potions are 5% better
Bards Brandy- Prices are 5% better
Rogues Rum - Sneaking is 5% better
Swindlers Swill- Pickpocket Success is 5% better
Locks of Lager- Lockpicking is 5% easier
Feathery Flip - +5 Light armour skill

>Magic Skills<

Reshaping Red - Alteration Spells are 5% cheaper to cast
The Spawn- Conjuration Spells are 5% cheaper to cast
The Apocalypse - Destruction Spells are 5% cheaper to cast
Enchanted Elderberry - +5 Enchant skill
Phantom Punch - Illusion Spells are 5% cheaper to cast
The Rejuvenator- Restoration Spells are 5% cheaper to cast


Blazing Bourbon - +10 Fire Resistance
Nippy Night Cap - +10 Cold Resistance
Magnetic Mead - +10 Shock Resistance
The Wall - +5 Magic Resistance
The Panacea - + 20 Disease Resistance
Snakebite - +20 Poison Resistance


FatalisticZero:  For the original mod and permission to port and modify it for SSE.  Many thanks.
bchick3:  For a good guide that allowed me to learn to convert mods for SSE
Bethesda:  For SSE
The Nexus Commuity:  For a great and supportive group of people on the internet making gaming and modding fun.  Thank you.

9-15-18:  Version 1.0    Initial release for SSE

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This mod is not to be uploaded to another website or sold under any circumstances.  It is a Nexus exclusive and its going to stay that way.   I am not the original author,   FatalisticZero is.  If you want to show appreciation,  please consider endorsing the original mod.  If you like this mod,  please endorse it.


Spoiler video on YouTube by Undefined on May 10th of 2012: