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Port of the Oldrim mod to SSE by Jokerine.

Permissions and credits
This is a port of the Frostflow Lighthouse Player Home from original Skyrim to SSE by Jokerine.  All credits go to her for the design and implementation. Many thanks for allowing open permission to port this over.  Other assets in this mod that Jokerine used will be listed below and in the "Permissions and Credits" tab above.  The original mod can be found here:

Frostflow Lighthouse Player Home

The .esp has been saved in the CK as form 44.  The meshes and textures were also ran through the NifOptimizer to ensure compatibility with SE.  No issues were detected.  Cleaning was not necessary as Jokerine did this with TES5Edit.  This is a straight port from Oldrim and is offered as-is.  I installed it in my game to test and everything worked fine including all cells and the doors leading to the Bathing room and the Roof. 

Players are free to post their own pics at the Lighthouse and I encourage it.  I always like to see other players stuff and the various lighting mods and ENB's used.  You don't need permission to post.  Just upload and submit.  Thank you.

Important!  Jokerine highly suggests completing the quest Frostflow Abyss before installing the house.  I do as well as to not miss out on the quest rewards.  She does keep some things from the original Lighthouse to get as loot.  I will leave this decision up to the player of course. 


Recommended Mods:

Mannequins Stay Put -    This house has mannequins and in case you have the bug that makes them move out of place or talk or just act really spooky,  then install this mod by Tarshana to prevent this.  Make sure to place this mod above Tarshana's in your load order.

The really cool blue light emanating from the top of the Lighthouse in the first pic in the gallery is a Skyshard from the awesome mod by Arthmoor called ESO Skyshards.  This mod is compatible with it.  I highly recommend it and is essential for me in my game.  You can get that here:

ESO Skyshards

Other retexture mods I am using in my game for the screenshots that I highly recommend:


Here is a great YouTube video by Hodilton showcasing the Lighthouse and the interior.  This video was made for the Oldrim mod but its still excellent.

Here is the description by Jokerine from the Oldrim page:


My magnum opus! Or maybe not so much. In any case, here is my most favorite work so far for y'all to enjoy :)

This mod turns Frostflow Lighthouse (spoilers on that there link for the quest "Frostflow Abyss") located southeast of the Imperial camp between Dawnstar and Winterhold, into a comfy player home.

You can actually enable the mod without having done the quest Frostflow Abyss, since all the triggers have been left intact and the door simply links to a different cell, instead of the original one. You will be missing on the rewards for the quest, however, so I'd encourage everybody to do the quest beforehand! I included the most interesting loot from the original cell (a Restoration skill book, a torchbug in a jar, and some rare clothes) so you won't miss them if you go in without having done the quest.

Now, onto the house itself. The mod makes extensive use of custom resources, which explains the size of the file. The reason for this was that this house is a very personal project and I was going for a unique look. Many items are static to avoid going in and causing an explosion if you nudge anything ever so slightly. I designed it with a sort of nautical theme in mind based on my on character's story; her parents originally lived there, but after they died, my character refused to return until doing Frostflow Abyss. Afterward, her follower turned it into a cozy home for her as a wedding present. I made a reference to this with the book you'll see by the entrance, which has one of my favorite love poems.

The house has all amenities you may need - all crafting stations (although it has an anvil instead of a forge) including a smelter, enchanting and alchemy tables, display cases, and cooking pot. There are mannequins, bookcases and weapon racks to display your trophies, an attic to store unwanted stuff, plenty of
meat ready to harvest, and a bathing room with a bathrub to stay clean if you're using a mod such as Drink Eat Sleep Bathe. I feature a sewing nook because it's something I am interested in. The alchemy station is rather small compared to enchanting because playing with soul trapping is my character's husband's area of interest. I also tried to turn the smelter into a kind of chimney so it would make sense to have it indoors. I think it doesn't look that bad.
All containers in the house except sacks and barrels are safe and will not respawn. The whole area is fully navmeshed for your companions, too.

Version 1.0b corrects some issues with followers - as the area was not set as public, they'd ask you to leave if the Lighthouse was set as
their home. It should be fixed now.

Now, for the credits:

"The Fickle One" was written by Pablo Neruda, and translated by Donald D. Walsh.
Animation Anchor Line for the model of the anchor, and Tamira for helping me convert it into a usable format.
Antique Statue, originally made by 3dregenerator, also by Tamira.
Paintings and Frames, by Artisanix.
Painting Resource for Mods, by jet4571.
Paintings, Wall Charts and Rugs by InsanitySorrow.
Resources for Modders, by Runspect.
Modders Resource Pack, by Oaristys and Tony67.
Tueffels Misc Resources, by Tueffel.


Jokerine:  For the original mod and open permission to port this over from original Skyrim.  Many thanks.
bchick3:  For making a helpful guide that allowed me to port over mods like this one.
Bethesda:  For Skyrim Special Edition
The Nexus Community:  For a great and supportive community that has made gaming fun.  Thanks so much to all.
The other mod authors listed above:  For the assets to allow Jokerine to have made this cool player home for the game.  Thanks!

9-8-18:  Version 1.0   Initial release for Skyrim SE

Jokerine has stated that all of her mods are free to use and can be converted and modified without permission.  She has also given open and free permission to port her mods to other games including Skyrim SE.  After a discussion with a moderator,  we both felt it was a good idea to post a link to Jokerine's profile stating that this is so.  If you would like to view this yourself,  her profile can be found here:

Jokerine's Nexus forum profile

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This mod is not to be sold under any circumstances.  Jokerine made that very clear in her profile.  If you see this mod being sold anywhere,  its an illegal copy and should be reported immediately to a Nexus moderator.    I am not the original Author,  Jokerine is. 
If you want to show appreciation,  please consider endorsing the original mod.  If you like this mod,  please endorse it.