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A Requiem patch that also replaces most enemies to vanilla types or ones i decided to keep from the mod itself.

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Requiem 5.0.0 Compatible

Requiem (4.0.1) - Skyrim Underground

Hello everyone, i made this patch for personal use but thought i'd share it with you all in-case someone might like my personal edits to Skyrim Underground to fit into Requiem and Lore-friendliness, if you find yourself exploring the undergrounds with my mod installed, please do let me know what you think or any feedback i can get for balancing the spawns as i currently think it might not be balanced for smooth gameplay properly.

  • I believe playing Requiem comes with needing everything to be lore-friendly.
  • Finding things like scorpions in Skyrim didn't feel lore-friendly at all to me.

So what did i patch?

  • I've replaced almost all enemies added by this mod to vanilla counterparts by hand.
  • I've given enemies i decided to keep proper Requiem stats and attributes.
  • I've added 1 new creature type using Vicn's creature pack: Mushroom Infected Spider (cuz it looks cute)
  • Examples of changed enemies or static items as follows:

Mimic Chests
into ...
into Frostbite Spiders
variants added by the mod into normal Draugr.
variants (Dark Souls?) into normal Skeletons
variants added by the mod into vanilla Dwemer enemies such as Spiders
Caveworms and other critters into Rats or Skeevers
and other tougher enemies into Werewolves or Vampires
Zombie spawns left untouched but given Requiem stats and traits (Zombies are weak to Fire but resist Frost and Immune to Poison)

Some static placed items related to removed creatures replaced with what makes sense or renamed.

There are others i didn't mention but these are the main ones off top of my head.

Known Issues:
  • Sometimes the spawns don't show up (they show up on reloading the game or so), i don't know what the cause of this is, could be a vanilla engine bug because all i did was replace the placed NPC for enemies, all the other data related to the placed reference remained untouched in that regard, if anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know in the comments. Fixed.
  • Balance (?)

: I might work on expanding the description more but i feel thats the gist of what my patch does.