Shadows of the past by AncientKane
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A tribute to TES IV Oblivion

A fully voiced quest mod
Story quests and dungeons by AncientKane
Voice acting (Herbert Lelles) and english translation by Adipsycho
Additional voice acting:
SeRidicaLup as Anna Lelles
Soul_EaterTRX as Valen Dreth junior
Euther as Rick Rode



Adds a fully voiced questline with 5 quests and 1 subquest, some new custom dungeons (mine - Dwemer ruin - Imperial prison - Nordic ruin) and some new custom places like an outlaying valley and a smugglers lodge to the game.

Quest requirements:
None. All enemies are leveled so it should be doable at any time.

NMM or manual unzip and copy/paste the files in the data folder.

Remove the files.

There are 4 parts of the video on YT. Videos by Zero Period Productions.

Known issues:
quest 2 the Forgotten Prisoner sometimes refuses to start. It's a well known bug in questmods and easy to fix. After Herbert offered his merchant service save the game and reload.

1.0 Initial release
1.0.1 Small packing error fix
2.0 Quest 2 and merchant quest added
3.0 Quest 3 added
3.1 Bugfixes and audio improvements
5.0 Quest 4 & 5 added
5.1 Dungeon Improvements
5.2 Various fixes

Voice actors:

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Thanks to Bethesda for TES (best games ever).