The Lost Dwemer Castle SSE by AncientKane
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The Lost Dwemer Castle
A fully voiced Dwemer quest mod
Thanks to SeRidicaLup for the great voice acting and cyborg voice editing

Adds a 4 part cave/Dwemer dungeon with new enemies, a custom textured player home, a fully voiced Dwemer cyborg and some quests to the game.
Queststart: go to the hall of the dead in Whiterun and read the old tattered book there.

This mod uses resources from the Vicn creature pack (link in the credits below) including Gynoid (Eliann) Dwarven Worker Dwarven Worm Dwarven Ripper Dwarven Miner the mighty Dwarven Eggman Mushroom infected Skeever and some new Dwemer weapons.

Use your favourite mod manager or manually unzip and paste esp and bsa's in the data folder.
Uninstallation: remove the files.



Vicn for the great Creature Pack
The Gynoid credits
Enhanced Character Edit by ECE Team
DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
Hair packs of TES IV Oblivion for Female Only by Radioragae
eldiabs for Modders Resource-Weapon Racks-Bookshelves-Plaques Mannequins
(saved me a lot of time- Thanks)
The Eggman beep sound is by Marianne Gagnon (Licence Attribute 3.0) and free to use as long as credit is given

Voice actress credits:

French translation by sofianelelegendaire Here (external website)

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Thanks to Bethesda for TES (best games ever).