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This mod adds a craftable 'Dwemer Scouter' and 'Dwemer Goggles'. Forged with ancient Dwarven technology, these items give the user extra abilities in sight and perception.

Permissions and credits
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  • Spanish

This mod adds the craftable 'Dwemer Goggles' and 'Dwemer Scouter' to the game of Skyrim

.: Requires Skyrim v1.8+ :.
SkyUI v3.1+ (Essential)
SKSE v1.6.5+ (Required)

.: Fully Compatible with All DLC :.
.: FULL Beast Race Support :.

- Uses Slot [#56] -

[size=1.5](you may experience clipping with Orc races)[/size]

.: Side Quest :.

To be able to craft these items, you must first complete the sidequest 'Calcelmo's Secrets'
To start this quest, you must find the note 'Calcelmo' has dropped in the 'Understone Keep' in 'Markarth'. You will find the lost note near where you will normaly find the npc 'Calcelmo'

.: Calcelmo's Secrets Side Quest Walkthrough :.

(This video shows you how to start and complete the side quest 'Calcelmo's Secrets'. This is required to be finished in order to craft the items in this mod. I recommend you find out how to do it yourself by reading the information given, but this is here if anyone has no idea what they are doing)

.: Effects :.

The Goggles and Scouters come with effects built into them with each having there own uses. There are some that are custom built specifically for this mod, while others are a straight rip from the vanilla spells/shouts. This article will give you a rundown on what each of the effects do, and how they work:

.: The Oil System :.

'The Oil System' was something I dreamt up while walking to work one day. I was trying to figure out how to stop the player just using the effects of the items, without consequence, whenever they liked. I wanted it to be something like the current vanilla enchanting system, something that will run out over extended use. I knew this system currently only works for weapons/staffs, and not on armour pieces, so I couldn't just use that. I had to think... a lot...
Read this article to find out more about how it works:

- SKSE (optional)
This mod uses SKSE to utilise its OnKeypress functionality. It can be used to toggle on/off the effects on the fly as well as swapping to and from the Goggles(OnHead) version, without using the switcher or going into any menus. By default these keys are C, V, B, N, L, K and Mouse 3.

  • C - Toggles on/off the 'Detect Life' effect.
  • V - Toggles the 'Dwemer Sight' and 'Night Eye' effects, depending on which item you have equipped.
  • B - Toggles the 'Threat Assess' and 'Dwemer Perception' effects, again depending on which item you have equipped.
  • N - Puts the Goggles on your characters head, providing you are wearing the Goggles (pressing the key again will put them back over your characters eyes). While you have the Goggles on your head, the effects will no longer be active. If you do try to use one of the effects while they are on your head, they will automatically be put over your eyes first.
  • L - Activates the 'Goggles Light' feature added with v2.1. This is a light that is built into the goggles that can be turned on and off at will. No more will you have unequip your bow/crossbow to pull out a torch just, to see something in a dark corner. Just activate the light and away you go. No equipping or unequipping going on here!
  • K - Shows you how much Oil your Goggles or Scouter has left. This saves you from having to go all the way into the MCM section just to find out each time. With one single keypress, a message will be shown with the needed information.
  • Mouse 3 - Activates the 'Zoom' function. When in this mode, your screen will be zoomed in, allowing you to see distant object with ease. This can be used in combat as well, so it can be VERY useful for getting that perfect shot with a bow/crossbow (Keep in mind however that If you set the Zoom FOV level to lower than 31, the 'Eagle Eye' perk will not function correctly)
All of these keybinds can be changed to whatever you like by navigating to the MCM menu, and changing them from there (you will of course need to have SkyUI v3.0 or above installed for this

You can craft the 'Dwemer Goggles' and 'Dwemer Scouter' using any Forge under the 'Dwarven' section.
You will also need to have completed the 'Calcelmo's Secrets' SideQuest and have the 'Dwarven Smithing' perk.

To craft the 'Dwemer Scouter', you will need:
  • 1 Centurion Dynamo Core
  • 2 Dwemer Cog
  • 1 Dwemer Gyro
  • 2 Dwarven Metal Ingot
  • 1 Leather Strip

To craft the 'Dwemer Goggles', you will need:
  • 2 Centurion Dynamo Core
  • 4 Dwemer Cog
  • 2 Dwemer Gyro
  • 3 Dwarven Metal Ingot
  • 1 Leather Strip

  • Download with Nexus Mod Manager and make sure its checked under the Mods tab.
  • Or download manually and extract to your Data folder in your Skyrim directory. Then make sure the 'Dwemer Goggles & Scouter.esp' file is active in the Data section of your SkyrimLauncher.exe.

If you're updating from previous versions, I highly recommend you do a clean instal of this mod to make sure all the scripts are loaded correctly and nothing old is left behind.

  • Drop any of the items you have crafted from this mod
  • Save your game
  • Uninstall the mod
  • Load the game
  • Move to or Fast travel to a different cell
  • Save your game once more

After that you are able to instal the new version

- Fixed the 'Dwemer Perception' effect using Oil, even when the 'Oil System' option is turned off
- Fixed the low oil warning messages for the items not displaying correctly when they are equipped
- Fixed the 'Dwemer Perception' Dwarven Helmet Overriding other helmets when the effect is used
- Fixed all effects not activating when there is no Oil left, even when the 'Oil System' option is turned off
- Fixed Automatically Activated effects not correctly using the 'Oil System'
- Fixed Specular levels on the Goggles and Scouter meshes
- Reduced the amount of item checks in the scripts by using keywords instead
- Added built-in compatibility with 'Wet and Cold - Ashes' to protect players eyes
- Added ability to check the current Oil Levels with a simple key press

- Added new effect for the Goggles - "Goggles Light"
- Added the need to 'Oil' the Goggles and Scouter after extended use
- Added MCM option to automatically toggle the Goggles Light effect while Magic or a Weapon is drawn and/or while Sneaking
- Added MCM option to change the Night Eye brightness levels for both Interior and Exterior independently
- Added MCM section 'Oil Levels'
- Added compatibility patch for 'Wet and Cold - Ashes'
- Removed MCM section 'Information'
- Cleaned/Optimised Scripts
- Removed Goggles Zoom 'Character Menu' pop-up

- Added sound effects when zooming
- Added message telling players zoom is on/off
- Added warning message for the Zoom FOV when the setting will conflict with the 'Eagle Eye' perk
- Changed Zoom function to no longer require Tab to be the 'Character Menu' key bind
- Changed Zoom function to force first person mode when active

- Added animations for taking on/off the Goggles when in third-person
- Added new effect for the Goggles - "Dwemer Perception Filter"
- Added new effect for the Goggles - "Zoom"
- Added new effect for the Scouter - "Threat Assess"
- Added MCM option to toggle on/off the Detect Life audio loop
- Added MCM option to automatically place the Goggles on your head while they are not in use
- Added MCM option to set all options to their default settings
- Added MCM option to use the vanilla Night Eye sound effects
- Added MCM option to use the vanilla Night Eye spell
- Added MCM option enable/disable the 'OnEquipped' effect menus
- Added MCM option to increase/decrease the sound effects volume
- Added MCM option to disable all sound effects from this mod
- Added MCM option to toggle to just the goggles (no effects/off state) on action check
- Added MCM option to automatically toggle the Threat Assess effect while magic or a weapon is drawn
- Added MCM option to set the Threat Assess level thresholds
- Added MCM option to set the amount of Zoom for the Goggles Zoom effect
- Added MCM section "Information" telling you a bit more about the effects
- Changed the default SKSE keybinds
- Changed the Dwemer Sight effect to let it to auto update
- Changed the Dwemer Sight effect to now display dead objects
- Changed the Detect Life effect to now detect Dwarven machines and Daedra
- Changed the book 'Calcelmo's Secret Findings' to give you a smithing skill level

- Removed ability to craft the Goggles(On-Head) version
- Added ability to switch to and from the Goggles(On-Head) version using the Switcher power or via an SKSE keypress
- Added sound effects for the Detect Life effect
- Added sound effects for the Dwemer Sight effect
- Added new sound effects for the Night Eye effect
- Added option to automatically toggle the effects while magic or a weapon is drawn

- Removed powers to set the default OnEquipped setting for both the Goggles and Scouter
- Changed the way the Goggles Night Eye activates and deactivates to the same way vanilla Skyrim does it
- Added a 'Switcher' power that lets you switch the modes on the fly, without having to take the items off and on
- Added new Scouter ability 'Dwemer Sight'
- Added option to automatically toggle the effects while you are sneaking
- Added SKSE keypress functionality
- Added SkyUI MCM functionality
- Changed the way the Detect Life ability fires and is now fully toggleable
- Detect Life should deactivate quicker now

- Renamed mod ESP
- Added alternate quest option for players who don't/wont pickpocket
- Fixed an issue with picking up the dropped note giving you bounty
- Quest and chest items are no longer labeled as 'Stolen'
- Added an optional ESP that uses the vanilla night-eye power for the goggles

- Changed how the 'Night-Eye' effect for the 'Dwemer Goggles' looks and works (removed radial-blur and added colour/brightness)
- Fast 'Night-Eye' transitions
- Now able to 'Detect Undead' (Compatible with Dawnguard Vampires)
- Now able to distinguish friend from foe
- All items should now be Enchantable
- Added 'Calcelmo's Secrets' SideQuest to be completed before you are able to craft the items
- Changed friendly 'Detect Life' aura to a Dwarven golden orange colour
- Fixed a bug with context menu's displaying when NPC's equip the 'Dwemer Goggles' and 'Dwemer Scouters'

- Added a 'power' to set the default settings for both 'Dwemer Scouter' and 'Dwemer Goggles'

- Implemented Settings menus for both 'Dwemer Scouter' and 'Dwemer Goggles'
- Users can now choose which items effects to be turned on, or leave them off altogether
- 'Dwemer Goggles' now have both 'Detect Life' and 'Night Eye' properties

- Implemented FULL beast-race support for 'Dwemer Scouter'

- Implemented FULL beast-race support for 'Dwemer Goggles' and 'Dwemer Goggles(OnHead)'
- Added Argonian support for the 'Dwemer Scouter'

- Removed a bug that made the goggles/scouter conflict with armour perks
- Decreased scouter effect downtime
- Increased Scouter detection range

- 'Dwemer Goggles' now have 'Night Eye' properties instead of 'Detect Life'

- Added 'On-Head' version of the Goggles
- Khajiit race now displays the Goggles

- Fixed Scouter Right-eye version and is now craftable
- Added 'Dwemer Goggles'
- Added 'Non-Detect Life' versions
- Changed crafting recipe

- Initial release
- Adds craftable 'Dwemer Scouter' to the game

Many thanks to user brokefoot for helping me test v2.1 before releasing it, as well as teasing the Goggles Light shader effects in the Nexus image share section. Not only that, but I reckon he played a BIG part in this mod reaching its 1,000 Endorsements milestone, in time for my birthday. What a present, Cheers buddy! This guy is such a boss!

Special thanks to user KettleWitch for his breakthrough script to make the Field of View update in game. His mod Telescope got me quite excited when I saw it on the recently uploaded files list. For a long time now I've been wanting such a feature for this mod, but couldn't find a way to update the FOV settings while still being in game. The very first thing I did was download it and went straight to the mods source script files to see how it's done. I contacted KettleWitch right away to congratulate him on his efforts (and rightfully so, go download his mod and endorse it).
So Thanks again good sir, keep up the awesome work!

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