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A big girl in a small cave

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Annika - Nord archer girl Follower UNP

Annika is an archer Nord girl who used to study the arcane arts at the college of Winterhold but unfortunally her magic skills were not very distinctive so she had to leave. She moved to Whiterun Hold and with the help of her acquaintance Bjorn she made herself a home in the small water cave, since the only available house in Whiterun was by far too expensive for her.

Annika is a standalone follower you need to install no other mod (if you don't have HDT there's an optional no HDT esp to download). She's base lv 5 and levels up with the player. She's essential and lives in a house in the small water cave near Whiterun. If she's not in the house she's strolling through the cave.
Spell: Healing
Perks: Overdraw 1 Critical Shot 1

Skyrim esm
HDT HH System
Note: if you don't have HDT HH system installed there's an optional no HDT esp to download. Not sure if it works 100% when I tested it she ran around naked in the cave. But who cares it's her cave after all. I'll fix that later. The esp only removes the dependancy from HDT HH system.

NMM or unzip and copy/paste esp and bsa in your Skyrim Data folder.
Uninstallation: remove the two files.
No HDT version installation: download the main file and install it. Then replace the esp of the main file with the no HDT esp. In the no HDT version the boots are sinking in the ground oviously. Strip her and give her some other stuff to wear.

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Annika - Nord Archer Girl Follower UNP

Yurica for Yurica's Mage Dress for UNP and the permission to use it (I love this dress)
Apachii for beautiful ApachiiSkyHair and the permission to use it
Severus616 for SCJewelry
and the permission to use it
Dimon 99 for Dimonized UNP Female Body
Artisanix for Paintings and Frames
HydrogensaysHDT from ARROW & KNEE MOD Team, China

Note: the armor an jewelry aren't playable. If you want to use it for yourself download the original mods.

One pose in the pics and paintings is from Fores New Idles in Skyrim - FNIS

Thanks to Bethesda for TES (best games ever).