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Clocks of Cyrodiil
by WillieSea (06/2007)

Adds clocks that "I personally like" to the land of Cyrodiil, including clock towers, street clocks, grandfather clocks, wall clocks and table top clocks. Clocks show accurate game time.

Permissions and credits
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Clocks of Cyrodiil
by WillieSea (06/2007)

This mod (CoC v1.0) is now compatible with Bannana Splits Better Cities (BC v1.9.7). After downloading CoC, you will need to go over to the BC mod and download v1.9.7 and follow their inscrutions.
You can find it here:

IF YOU DONT LIKE CLOCKS THEN I DONT NEED TO HEAR YOUR COMMENTS OR SEE YOUR RATINGS LEFT FOR THIS MOD. JUST PASS IT BY QUIETLY. There are clocks in the lore of the game. Morrowind had the expansion that allowed you to go to Sotha Sils 'clockwork city'.

A lot of work went into this mod by myself and many other respected modders for you to leave trolling comments and ratings.
If you actually download and try this mod, then please rate it. I will question any rating that I feel is unjustified for the comment given.

You do NOT need shivering isles for this mod. You do need the latest patches for Obivion.

Youtube video link: (copy and paste into your address bar)

* All clocks show the 'accurate game time'. It does not matter if you changed your 'time speed' this will still work.
* Several textures (by myself) of clocks, unique for each city.
* Clock Tower with the Clockworks in Leyawiin and Chorrol. You can go inside the clock towers and look around from the inside!
* Some clocks feature dials showing the month, day of week, and date.
* A few clocks feature a day/night dial.
* Clock towers, Building clocks, wall clocks, Mantle clocks, Grand father clocks. They are all here!
* Clocks in the following locations: (might have missed some)

World spaces:
Imperial City - Arena District
Imperial City - Temple District
Imperial City - Elven Gardens District
Imperial City - Talos Plaza District
Imperial City - Arboretum District
Imperial City - Market District
Imperial City - Arcane University
Leyawiin (Tower - Clockworks)

Anvil - Count's Arms
Anvil - Flowing Bowl
Bleakers Way Goodwill Inn
Border Watch Inn
Bravil - Lonely Suitor Lodge
Bravil - Silverhome on the Water
Brina Cross Inn
Bruma - Jeral View Inn
Cheydinhal - Bridge Inn
Cheydinhal - Newlands Lodge
Chorrol - Grey Mare
Chorrol - Oak and Crosier
Drunken Dragon Inn, The
Gottshaw Inn Tavern
Imperial Bridge Inn Tavern
Imperial City Elven Gardens District - Luther Broad's Boarding House
Imperial City Elven Gardens District - The King and Queen Tavern
Imperial City Market District - The Merchants Inn
Imperial City Talos Plaza District - Tiber Septim Hotel
Imperial City Temple District - The All Saints Inn
Leyawiin - Five Claws Lodge
Leyawiin - Three Sisters Inn
Roxey Inn
Skingrad - Two Sisters Lodge
Skingrad - West Weald Inn
Wawnet Inn Tavern

Install to folder paths as they are in the archive.
No files should be overwritten as they are new folders.

Copy the esp file to the \Oblivion\data\ folder.

Enable the esp from the game menu. Play the game.

Bugs or issues:
- Any mod that replaces the Arcane University main plaza mesh WILL conflict with the clock at the entrance to the Lobby.

You can now download an ESP file that will replace the existing ESP file. This new one removes ALL REFERENCES to the Arcane University Worldspace and cells.

- Any mod that moves the ground level or buildings in the cities WILL conflict with this mod. (Better Cities) A patch will become available when V2 of this mod is complete.
Useage in your mod?
You can use this mod to make your own clocks. If you release any mod using anything from this mod (Clocks of Cyrodiil) then you need to copy the 'Credits' text block above and include it with your mod.