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A cover-it-all mod for all TWMP projects

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This is TWMP Locations. A mod designed to be a cover-atl-all mod for all TWMP projects. It is not aimed at land generation itself but to adding content to already existent landmasses.

Tamriel Heightmaps
Tamriel Landscape Pack
Tamriel Resource Pack
TWMP Hammerfell
TWMP High Rock (only High Rock is needed, not Skyrim)
TWMP Skyrim Improved
OBSE Plugin: Elys's Universal Silent Voice -- technically this is not a requirement, but will be helpful in reading dialogue
Dynamic Map -- technically this is not a requirement, but you will need a good map of region and Dynamic Map provides it, as there are no maps in my mod.

HGEC and Robert Male body

Version history:
Version 1.0.6
Added nymph hair to nymphs
Added daedra skin to daedra
Added troll blood to trolls
Added wraith essense to wraiths
Added fillet to slaughterfish
Added stinger to scorpions
Added lich dust to liches
Fixed some item stats
Un-merged Elsweyr plantations and removed all references to Elsweyr Anequina. Less hassle this way.
Removed some unneeded data.
Fixed an orphan door leading nowhere in southern Skyrim.
Some fixes in leveled lists
Some more object grounding.
Some more added resources to BSA that weren't working from TWMP Hammerfell BSA.
Some more AI fixes, item stats adjustments and NPC adjustments.
Removed Minotaur Horns from Shadows in Fang Lair
Added a better well on Stros M'kai
Mended land tears near Greenwall
Removed Wolf meat from Bonewolves
Slightly improved dialogue in all quests, made it more natural

Version 1.0.5
Removed TWMP Valenwood-Elsweyr dependancy. There will be no content added to that region.
Some more AI fixes, item stats adjustments and NPC adjustments.
Added resources to BSA that somehow do not work from TWMP Hammerfell BSA resulting in several missing meshes.
Added voice to children everywhere.

Version 1.0.4
Added new weapons to LLs
Added new armor to LLs

Version 1.0.3
Fixed teleport from Balmora (if Morroblivion is installed)
Added teleport link between Leyawiin and Snowhawk. Speak to Agata.
Some minimal AI fixes -- girls in brothel will no longer dance with weapons equipped (doh)

Version 1.0.2
Removed all changes to Elsweyr Anequina (except merged Elsweyr Plantation).
Had a disagreement over pigeon physiology and local politics in Tanzania.

Version 1.0.1
More land tear fixes
Added missing furniture to Cloudfog inn
Added werewolves blood to werewolves
Added giant blood to giants
Add gargoyle horn to gargolye
Grounded some more trees
Mended land tear near king's crest cavern
Renamed Road Worm to Stone Worm
Added small antlers to white doe
Added large antlers to white buck
Removed wolf meat from werewolves
Added slaughterfish eggs to slaughterfish
Removed spells from gargoyle, increased its power
Renamed and adjusted price of worg pelt
Leopard pelt is added snow leopard
Adjusted guides work hours
Fixed water height in lower White river
Added rocks to White river waterfall
Made Skyrim less windy
Made addition of Elsweyr ingredients optional and disabled by default, check ini file
Added water sounds to waterfalls and rivers in Skyrim
Added shore sounds to ports
Renamed polar bear to snow bear
Added skyrim ingredients to local vendors
Added follower transport compatibility to fast travel
Replaced incorrect Karnver falls road sign
Renamed Crossroads Priory
Fixed waterfall at abandoned Mages Guild
Added 10 Oblivion Gates to Elsweyr, mainly near roads. Daedra are there to harass, not to destroy.

Version 1.0
Added road from Cloud Ruler Temple to Skyrim
Fixed eastern path to Skyrim to walk around huge rocks
Added Skyrim ingredients to common leveled lists
Added pork to pigs
Fixed Stonedale residents not recognizing you as club member after game reload
Added wolf meat to wolves (requires Cobl, but not dependent on it)
Add bear meat to bears (requires Cobl, but not dependent on it)
Added anequina ingreds to common leveled lists
Added TamRes ingreds to common leveled lists
Replaced farm animals to use more correct models
Increased spawn rates in Hammerfell and Skyrim
Added giants to common leveled lists
Added giant hearts and toes to giants
Added white buck and doe to common leveled lists
Added wild horses to common leveled lists
Added foxes to common leveled lists
Added gargoyles to common leveled lists
Added white foxes to common leveled lists
Added white wolves to common leveled lists. And they cast frost damage now -- hello from Arena :)
Added fast travel to Vvardenfell (if Morroblivion is installed)
Added fleshy limbs to flesh golems
Added fur to white wolves
Added fur to white bears
Added gargoyle gall to gargoyles
Added LOD for Skyrim rivers
Removed lights from burned village in Hammerfell. They have burned out eons ago.
Updated pathgrids in WIndhelm and Solitude
Fixed guide'ss traveling to same location
Added door to Greybeard temple on High Hrothgar
Added some rocks to cover holes
Grounded some objects
Fixed polar bear aggression
Removed unneeded quest objects (Arnora chest from house in Hammerfell)
Removed AI from fish
Fixed Heleg's hair so it isn't faggy anymore
Fixed rainy sandstorm
Merged in Skyrim Nord Tombs by David Brasher
Merged Elsweyr plantation by prettyfly

Future ideas:
Add cats and dogs to cities and households
Add new clothing to LLs
Add flesh golems and zombie rats to undead lists
Place quest dungeons to Skyrim
Add Fortress of Ice
Make bards in bards' colledge actually play music.
Add folks singing in taverns
Implement quest(s), including Falmer-related
Add thu'um as part of quest
Add a player house (will be as quest reward)
Add Dunmer town in western Morrowind
Add bards to inns
Add cities/towns to High Rock
Add a city to northern Valenwood
Add Topal Isle
Add NPCs to wilderness encounters everywhere, not monsters only
Add rabbits as farm animals

1. DL all prereqs and install them.
2. DL main esp and dump it to /data
3. DL resource pack and dump it to /data
4. [optional] Install MOBS patch generously provided by CarlosS4444.

Load order
Just below TWMP Skyrim Improved

Some trees still hang over water in Hew's Bay. Can't do anything with them, dancing with .lod files doesn't help. Treat it as fata morgana or something...

Hope i didnt forget anyone. Please notify me if i did.

My family -- for bearing with my work.
David Brasher -- for Skyrim Nord Tombs
Arthmoor -- for LOD water meshes
dreamed1 -- for Skyrim Ingredients
prettyfly -- for Elsweyr Plantation
shadeMe -- for CS Extender
OBSE Team -- for OBSE
MentalElf -- for tes4files
ElminsterAU -- for tes4edit and tes4lodgen
Gruftikus and Lightwave -- for tes4ll
Bethesda -- for such a modable game.
God -- for a chance to create.