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Added: 07/05/2010 - 08:17AM
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This is a modders resource. There is nothing playable. There is a plugin included of a testing hall with all the paintings on display. You can gain access in game from a door in the market district. Remove this door before merging this plugin with your own.

All Pictures were aquired from Google Images

There are 20 Paintings in total.Not all are shown in the screenshots.All meshes have been properly pathed.Just copy the meshes and texture files into oblivions meshes and texture files located in the data directory. Create your own static objects in the TES4 CS using the new meshes included.

Or, load the DragonPicturesTest.esp in the TES4 CS. I have created all the objects already in this plugin. You can then merge this plugin with your current project.

Created by clintmich


This is an open resource for all modders to use. All I ask is that you mention me in your credits if you release a mod that uses these pictures. I would also like an email informing me of your mods upload location so I can check it out. Find me on Tesnexus.