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A modders resource that lets you create liches with varied appearances, including different robes, armor pieces, colors, and even skeletal liches.

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This is a modders resource (not a playable mod) containing many different pieces from which you can create liches with varied appearances. This includes:

- A fully modeled version of the vanilla lich without his robes, with 10 different alternate skin colors and 3 possible hairstyles;

- A skeletal version of the lich, which can have its limbs missing;

- 10 different color versions of the lich robe, with hood included;

- 11 vanilla robes that the lich can now wear;

- Various parts of the lich robe split off into separate pieces and given different color versions, allowing you to mix and match them as you see fit;

- Boots, pauldrons and helmets from 10 different armor sets (some extras included), also possible to mix and match.

Use you as you see fit.

Note: This resource does NOT include the different staff models. For this, you should check out mods like Trollf's Armamentarium or Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul.