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Leather armor retexture.

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Now with female variant!

I think Skyrim's armors look great (although they're second to Morrowind's). Oblivion's armor, however (and for that matter, almost all equipment) just has a dogsh*t design. I don't know why that is, but I've decided to make something more to my liking. More retextures to (probably) come.

Well it's a retexture, so should be compatible with anything that is also compatible with vanilla textures.

Use mod manager of choice or, if you want to do it manually, export the contents of the "BodyNoneSoul Armor Retexture" folder to the "data" folder in the game's main directory.

Credits & Thanks

Joao Paulo @ https://3dtextures.me/ (for the amazing textures)

---- Thank you all for the kind words! ----