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Your world map displays correct terrain for the active mods you have. Also let you zoom your world map in/out.

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[size="5"]========= Dynamic Map 2.1.1 ============[/size]

Author: Ole Boe, a.k.a. TheNiceOne
Date:Sept 30, 2011
OBSE v 19 (or newer) required.
MenuQue v 7 (or newer) required.

Download at TESNexus


Dynamic Map makes the world map reflect your installed mods. It reads your active mod list, and modifies the world map accordingly, by placing sub-map components for the supported mods, onto the main world map so it looks exactly like the world map was made that way.

Dynamic Map removes the need of any map dimension esp file if you use a map with non-standard dimensions (like the Stirk addition), since it reads the dimension data from the ini file and sets them accordingly through script.

It also adds zoom to the worldmap, through 3 keys or zoom buttons. One key/button to zoom out, one to zoom in and one to reset to default zoom. The zoom keys can be configured in "Dynamic Map base.ini", and by default are 1 (zoom out), 2 (zoom in), 3 (reset zoom). Set zoom in/out to 264 and 265 if you want to use the mouse wheel instead.

The zoom buttons can easily configured for position, or visibility in the ini file. There are three visibility options: Always hidden, always visible, or visible on mouseover.

Dynamic Map contains a choice of four different base maps. The sub-map components provided for each base map are different.

Elven Map style
* Bartholm
* Castle Dunkerlore
* Elsweyr the Deserts of Anequina
* ImpeREAL Empire Unique Cities - Sutch
* New Roads and Bridges Revised
* Open Cities Reborn - Leyawiin
* Reaper's The Dark Tower
* Road and Trails
* Stirk
* (DC) Sutch Reborn
* Unique Landscapes River Ethe
* West Roads

Terrain Map style
* Bartholm
* Better Cities (all)
* Elsweyr the Deserts of Anequina
* Unique Lanscapes (all)
* Valenwood Improved

Color Map style
* Bartholm
* Castle Dunkerlore
* Elsweyr the Deserts of Anequina
* Hammerfell
* ImpeREAL Empire Unique Cities - Sutch
* New Roads and Bridges Revised
* Open Cities Reborn - Leyawiin
* Reaper's The Dark Tower.esp
* Road and Trails
* Stirk
* (DC) Sutch Reborn
* Unique Landscapes River Ethe

Tamriel Heightmaps style
This is a map in the Elven Map style that is shrinked an contains the entire Tamriel, based on Onra's Tamriel Heigtmaps mod - but is usable even without Tamriel Heightmaps. It also contains the sub-map components for:
* Bartholm
* Castle Dunkerlore
* (DC) Sutch Reborn
* Elsweyr the Deserts of Anequina
* New Roads and Bridges Revised
* Open Cities Reborn - Leyawiin
* Stirk
* West Roads

You do not need to edit the ini file, Dynamic Map will automatically detect the mods you have installed, and only display the correct sub-map components.

Note however, the Road and Trail components for Elven and Color maps are not mod-dependent since they add roads to the maps, for unmarked vanilla roads and trails. If you don't want them on your map (some of them will overlap the road+bridges component), open the "Data\Ini\Dynamic Map.ini" file and look for the four Road and Trails entries at the bottom. Just remove the section for those you don't want from the ini (or just add a semicolon in front of the "SetStage tnoDM 20" lines.


The archive is OMOD-ready and packed in BAIN-friendly format, so using BAIN or OBMM is adviced. For BAIN/manual install, make sure to install the content of the "00 Core" and one "01 ..." folder into your Data folder.


The mod is (as far as I know) compatible with all maps and all user interface mods, but of course not with different map replacers.

========= CREDITS

worm82075 for his Tamriel Worldspace Complete World Map, which was used as a base for the Terrain map.
xythen for the original Elven map.
p1p3 for the original Color map.
Kiwi-Hawk for the original Tamriel Heightmaps map.
aellis and Vorians(display name is already in use) for creating various map components for the Terrain map.
hergen and onra for the Tamriel Heightmaps components
papill6n for Color map components
Vargr for the Elven Map Compilation that was used as base for most of the Elven Map components.
afk_dwip for his map components that was used as base for the Elven Map NR&BR component.
SilentResident for ImpeREAL Sutch map
Reaper9111 for Coldstone map
WillieSea and Vality7 for Roads and Trails

Thanks to OBSE team for OBSE, and to kyoma for MenuQue, without those, this mod would not be possible
Thanks to ShadeMe for Conscribe, the invaluable debugging tool

Please tell me if I have missed some credits...

========= CHANGELOG

* Fixed incorrect textures for some map components.

* Corrected the map when having map extending components (like Stirk) and being in another worldspace (like SI).
* Added optional zoom buttons to the map menu
* Corrected the map position of the vanilla lake Arrius on Color and Elven maps
* Added the following map components:
-- High resolution Better Cities to the Terrain Map
-- ImpeREAL Empire Unique Cities - Sutch to the Color and Elven maps
-- Reaper's Coldstone to the Color and Elven maps
-- Road and Trails to the Color and Elven maps
-- Bartholm to the Color map
-- New Roads and Bridges Revised to the Color map
-- Unique Landscapes River Ethe to the Color map
-- Castle Dunkerlore to the Color map

* Added support for Color Map, Terrain Map and Tamriel Heighmap with various map components
* Added Unique Landscapes River Ethe component to the Elven Map
* Added support for Medium or Low texture sizes
* Fixed a bug that could lead to sub-map components for non-loaded mods to be displayed
* Added support for the Mini Map mod

* Corrected Stirk map component name
* Added the second Chorrol - Skingrad road to West Roads
* Added possibility to define two possible mod for one sub-map component