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A project I started a couple of years ago but never got around to finish, now up as a resource for modders or to be used as location for stories

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Name: Bleak Isle - City of Freeport and Isle Resource by MsFrankenstein
Version: 1
Date: 2017-09-30
Category: Modders Resource
Requires: Oblivion, Shivering Isles(?)
Author: MsFrankenstein

The Bleak Isles - A Pet Project by MsFrankenstein


I started working on this worldspace about roughly 2½  years ago(March 10 2015), it was meant as a pet project of mine in order to build up a new world  for the sake of simply enjoying it and to see how far I would get in order to learn as well as learning a bit more about Oblivion modding.
However I got tired of it so I put it on hold for an unknown amount of time, however a year or so later my computer decided to die on me so I was heartbroken thinking /knowing I had lost my pet project(as well as some city overhauls that I had made but wasn't ready to upload), even if I knew I would never finish it.
It was still something I was proud of having made. And it sucked losing it.

Or so I thought.

As a turn of events I found a backup of older versions of this file on an old USB drive so I was overjoyed!

So it is still intact(albeit the newer versions were lost). But as I have realized I will never ever finish this project; SO! I am now offering up this project as a resource for those brave enough to build further on it, or if to simply use it as a new world space to visit to further character stories and such!

Or as city background to use for images!



The Bleak Isles is a small cluster of islands located in the cove situated north of High Rock and Skyrim, making the collection of small islands into a natural pit stop for traders wishing to sail between the two countries, one of the few stops available in this cold icy area of Tamriel.

The natural mountainrange just north of Freeport leaves no hindquarters warm as the icy winds finds their way down to the coastal town of Freeport; the main town of the island group who relies on their trade of fishing as well as trades, while the village of Cime, situated to the north of the Freeport island high up in the hills, is more suited for farming as the mountainrange surrounding the valley provides a temperal climate suitable for farming - whereas the abandoned isle of Serian Rock to the south or, Witches Rock, is left to the cold and icy winds as there are no high grounds for the exception of a small hill now hosting a dead ruin.

City Lore

The main city of the island is the rather large town known as Freeport, a cold and snowy coastal town who thrives on fishing as well as collecting taxes from ships who docks at port when sailing from ports between High Rock and Skyrim.

Below the city of Freeport is the small isle called "Witches Rock" who is now host of the old burnt down village called "Serian Rock" in honor of an old sorceress who used to reside in the tower overlooking (the now burnt down) village, before the Rosorics came to power over the island.

The Rosoric Family is a fairly new upstart family of nobles hailing from Glenumbra who felt they needed to expand their influence through out High Rock, expanding their vineyards and trades; which sadly ended in bloody tragedy on the Serian's end as their agreement with the villagers of Witches Rock came to a brutal end a few generations ago. So
now the isle south of Freeport is simply reffered to as Witches Rock, whom most of the citizens believe to be cursed.

The city hosts many shops and markets whereas the seaside neighbourhood on the eastern side of the town is best left avoided, as robberies and skooma addicts frequent the areas. But for those who are not rich on septims enough to buy rooms at the finer inn in town, there's always the Broken Canteen available down by the harbour.
If one wouldn't mind the fleas and the occasional brawl.


As I haven't figured out how to properly generato LODS or to create a world map, the badly drawn image above is the rough layout of the world space thus far.

Extra Info


All of the buildings have no interior cells for the exception of the Chapel of Kynareth(church), the Rusty Canteen(Inn down in the harbour area), The 'proper inn'(name escapes me) in the mid level of Freeport, the La Rosoric Manor/Vineyard at the top level, maybe one or two or other buildings but I have no memory of it.

There are NO NPCs added as I find Oblivion mods to break a lot whenever you just make one, and don't test them right away so for the sake of not breaking this file; there are simply none created as I was saving it for later.

All new objects or meshes should be named "00_randomitem" when searched for in the Oblivion Cnstruction set, 'randomitem excluded' so all objects start with "00_" in order to appear at the top of each search window or section.

Also: The ESPs included in the folders have no labels, I'm not sure if the dates will be uploaded accordingly into the .RAR when I share it but, if they do, the most recent one should be the one with most work on it.


There is a small door located to the left side of the lighthouse in Anvil, it was meant as a temporary mean to get there while building until a better solution is found; ie a ride by boat.

How to Install

If you're aware how to make use of the OBMM or NMM frequently, you don't need to read this:

Download the mod manually, then extract it somewhere onto your desktop.

If installing manually; Drag and Drop the folder named "Bleak Isle" that appears as soon as you open the .RAR file.

If installing through OBMM; Choose 'create', then 'add archive' and select 'BLEAK ISLE Install Me First"

If installing using Nexus Mod Manager:
Download the file and put it on your desktop = extract the archive. Then boot up NMM and select "Add Mod From File"  by selecting the + in NMM. Voila!

If not wanting to do either; there's a .RAR containing older .esps / versions of the mod, they are available but I do NOT recommend using them.


I MUST be credited as the original author

Regardless of how many changes are made to the original mod, I must be credited.

I have spent countless of hours working on this so, or all all hell shalt be let loose if claimed otherwise.

Also; the authors of the resources used must be credited as well, who I emberassingly enough cannot remember right off the bat right now - but if you go through the data folder it should become clear what resources are used.

Credits given to those who are due!