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This mod will make all provinces of Tamriel playable in the tamriel worldspace....

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Under the sign of the dragon - Tamriel heightmaps -

News :

Tamriel heightmap esp has been updated to V.3.3 !

Ingame map

It is highly recommended to use "Dynamic Map" made by The NiceOne. it works with any load order and comes with a lot of nice extra features.

Get it here :


Gridmap made by Shadowbeast :


don't mind the marked projects, most of them are dead or canceled....

Tamriel Landescapes

a series of mods, editing the different provinces of Tamriel


Morroblivion Vvardenfell for Tamriel heightmaps



This mod provides a lore friendly heightmap of complete Tamriel,located in the "Tamriel" worldspace ( the same where Cyrodiil is located ), coming as only one esp including all provinces, isles and surrounding seas.

Note !

This heightmap provides pure land only nothing else !!

Official lore maps and/or other lore based maps ( like TR team maps) have been used to create lore correct or at least lore friendly shapes and basic geographic data of all provinces.Geo Control 2 terrain editing programm has been used for improving most of the new regions ( better erosion settings etc).

For compatibility/ technically reasons and to get a more realistic gameplay ( feel of a complete large continent), all provinces around Cyrodiil have been enlarged (mainly in north/south direction).This means you will find the different provinces larger compared to cyrodiil than on the lore maps.

in this case...

This is a part of the imperial library interview with Greg Keyes, the author of The Elder Scrolls Novel: The Infernal City.

"We are to imagine the world of TES to be a real place, of which the games are merely representations. My book represents that world in another way. Geographical distances, for instance, are contracted in the game -- in my books they aren't, so it takes days or weeks rather than hours to run from one city to another."

in other words...the worldspaces of the Elder Scrolls games are created lorefriendly but not lore accurate ( which is simply technical not possible)...
even TES 4 Cyrodiil is just lore friendly as it has the right shape etc...but not the right dimensions according to lore found in different books (not only the Infernal City) .

So ...enlarging the Tamriel heightmap as I did...makes it probably even more lorefriendly...or at least not less lorefriendly, as all TES games (and mods based on them) are just ..."merely representations" ....

Note! The lod resources are of course only basic resources for ingame testing....


Note ! Valenwood and the southern parts of Elsweyr require Ilianas Elsweyr Deserts of Anequina mod to work properly !!

grab Elsweyr Deserts of Anequina here :

as ist seems Iliana has removed her files for good ???


1.) Place the tamriel.esp (heightmap)in your data order.

2.) Backup your Data/Textures/LandscapeLod/Generated and

your Data/Meshes/Landscape/Lod folders !!!

3.) Extract the TamrielLandscape Lod resources (meshes and

textures) to your data folder. Let overwrite if asked.

Note ! Lod resources (landscape meshes and textures)

for Ilianas Anequina mod are included ! DO NOT

REINSTALL lod meshes and textures from Ilianas mod !!!

4.) Install the Unique Landscape Lod Resources if needed.

Note ! This Pack covers ALL Unique Landscape mods and I

absolutely highly recommend to use all of them together

with the Tamriel heightmap !!!!

5.) If you use TR_Stirk (which is highly recommended)

install the optional provided Stirk Lod Resources.

6.) If you want to use Kiwi Hawks ingame map (elven style),

extract the tamriel-ingame_map.esp and the provided

textures to your data folder.

7.) Set you Load order using OBMM or Wrye Bash

Load order should look like this :

Unofficial Patch(es)

All Unique Landscapes etc
Tamriel_Ingame_map.esp if used must be loaded at last !

8.) Update your Archieve Invalidation using OBMM and

make sure your textures quality is set to "Large" !!!!


This is compatible with nearly all popular mods out there as BBC,UL,FCOM etc etc etc ...

but not compatible with any mod (province mods) creating new exterior cells in the tamriel worldspace like for example Skyrim or Valenwood Improved.

Elsweyr Anequina and TR_Stirk and of course all other province mods taking place in their own worldspace are fully compatible.

Landscape LOD....

This will conflict with mods providing their own landscape lod meshes ( lod meshes for Elsweyr Anequina, TR_Stirk and UL (complete) are provided)..LOD Patches for single UL and other mods will come with the province files seperately !

last but noz least this should not be used with any lod texture replacer ...


Very highly recommended for exploring the new regions

Side's Sailing Ships mod which can be found here :


used tools and credits

Construction Set, TES4Edit, Wrye Bash, TESGecko,
GeoContol 2, TESAnnwyn, Gimp, TES4QLod

credits for the ingame map go to Kiwi Hawk !

I really hope you all enyoy exploring and/or maybe modding this heightmap(s)....