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Overhaul of characters in Fallout with new headmeshes, high resolution texture maps and a lot more.

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What does Fallout Character Overhaul do?

FCO is a high-resolution overhaul of characters in Fallout New Vegas changing nearly everything possible that there is to change, it makes it a lot easier to make a nicer looking character as well as making all characters in Fallout look a lot more believable and realistic. It is also a comprehensive race mod. It adds races for certain NPC's to make them more unique as well as adding a lot more races for you to choose from when creating a character.


- Over 130 unique races that take advantage of Fallout Character Overhaul's range of high quality textures and new meshes.

- Different races have their own unique headmeshes adding more diversity to the facial shape of characters.

- All races have their own high-resolution texture maps with unique properly sculpted normal maps. This can make huge changes to what a face looks like as it gives it the illusion of being a higher polycount than it actually is adding lots more depth to faces. 

- Ghoul’s have also been re-imagined. You will find a variety of different looking Ghouls including Half-Ghouls.

- Raiders/fiends have also been remade with a different style that affects both male and females.

- Nearly all NPC faces have been remade and adapted to the new meshes as well as being distributed among multiple different age groups. This adds much more variety to the game. These different age groups have also been added as playable races along with some additional alternate races for some age groups to make people in fallout even more diverse.

- FCO works great with any ENB. Because FCO adds new normal maps that improve the way faces react to lighting and ENB improves lighting in Fallout they are a great match.

- New high-quality eye textures have been made and are useable via the race menu. There is also a greater variety of eye colours available along with the opportunity to have mismatching eyes!

- Hair textures have been remade and are now more high resolution, this includes beards and brows.

- When you start the game you get a choice of different brow styles! If you change your mind on the style you chose hold right ctrl + shift for a few seconds and the menu will popup again.

- Animated eyelashes have been added to all female races.

- Important NPC's have been given custom face textures to make them more unique. To name a few, the Courier found in Primm has a bullet scar wound, Legate Lanius has scars covering his face and Ranger Andy does too from his injury.

- Unique player only races are available.

- New HD Teeth textures.

- Optional animated sweat effect plays on characters who are outside for a while.

- Glowing Ghouls now actually glow (see images) (Requires NVSE).

- Old World Blues Lobotomites have been remade.

- All of these things come with little to no hit to performance, headmeshes are the same polycount as vanilla and the only texture that is bigger than vanilla is my diffuse.


Install UIO and the latest NVSE as mentioned above, they are required.

Install with Mod Organizer or FOMM, there is a FOMOD installer in the archive. This mod requires the Old World Blues DLC. After installing make sure to Archive Invalidate. See more on how to below. And also make sure bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=1 in FalloutPrefs.ini. If you are installing the Willow addon make sure to only have one esp ticked and if you want the Cazy version you need to install that mods meshes and textures first. I recommend when modding FNV to follow this guide, it's awesome. Also I recommend a new game when using FCO due to the changes it makes to races and also to start a new game if you want to uninstall.

Load Order

Other ESM's
FCOMaster.esm (Main)
---- Other mods that effect NPC's
---- FCO - NPC Changes.esp
---- Patches for mods that effect NPC's, found in the installer (might not always be necessary)
---- Other mods that don't effect NPC's
---- Merge Patch.esp (requires using FNVEdit, I suggested checking the esp and make any changes you want to after.) If you can create a merge patch properly in FNVEdit the FCO - NPC Changes.esp can be disabled.


- Compatible with any mod that adds new NPC’s, however, they will not benefit from my mod without a compatibility patch being made for it. If you want a mod to benefit from my changes post in the comments section and if I get a lot of requests I’ll do it.

- DLC’s are compatible, this mod does change lobotomites in OWB but not other DLCS.

- This mod is not compatible with mods that add or replace the existing eye textures without a patch. I cannot make this patch and it is up to the author of the other conflicting mod.

-This mod is compatible with body replacers although they will increase neck seam.

Archive Invalidation

Go into NMM click on the tool icon at the top and toggle archive invalidation off and on, or turn it off and on using FOMM. this is essential or you may get weird colour difference between the head and body. For Mod Organizer users make sure 'Automatic Archive Invalidation' is enabled in your profile.

Also make sure that in Fallout.ini and FalloutPrefs that bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=1 is set to 1. EGT files are what cause skin tinting so if you don't check this you will get neck seams.


- TTW version is planned.

- Neckseam will be as bad as it is in vanilla Fallout. My neck area is the same texture as vanilla. The reason there may still be a neckseam is because you haven't archive invalidated or because Bethesda didn't learn about vertex normals (look them up) until Skyrim and they use a terrible EGT face tinting system. Also body mods have even worse vertex normals so there is nothing I can do about it. If you are 100% sure you have installed correctly following the instructions in the description post an image in the comments and I'll have a look into it.

What's the armour in the screenshot?
- It's made by Nekronom, I have no idea when it will be released nor will I distribute it to people.

Why do I need a patch for x mod?!
- Whilst as I said in the description my mod will work fine with other mods as long as you put my mod below them, some mods for example FOOK being the main one changes NPC items and also there classes. Putting my mod below FOOK in your load order would mean you will see my changes and not FOOK's as my mod would revert FOOK's changes back to vanilla. The patch just means you benefit from my changes and FOOK's also. This applies with other mod's that do big changes to NPC's but FOOK is the main mod that does this. This can be mostly fixed by using a merged patch. Any conflicts with other mods will not cause crashes. Only use my patches if you want to see the effects of both mods.

What happens if you don't follow installation instructions
- You will get different coloured bodies to faces, please just read the installation instructions do what it says and don't comment about this problem.


All assets in this mod are a Fallout Nexus exclusive, do not ask if you can distribute them on another site. Assets (meshes, textures and ESM/ESP files) in this mod cannot be re-uploaded anywhere without my permission including anywhere else on the nexus sites. If you wish to edit a character and upload it using purely GECK work then you are welcome to, please let me know if you plan to do this though. Although really I would prefer things to be added to my installer so all FCO related content stays together.

Programs Used

3DS Max
3D Coat


Bethesda & Obsidian - Thanks for making this game easy to mod and providing tools to mod it!
OnHolyServiceBound - Critique, and also working a lot on NPC's.
Nekronom - Some Ghouls, some human normal maps, Cook-Cook and Lobotomites. And being an great critique and for showing me a lot of stuff that has helped me improve of course. You should definitely check out this guys work here.
HiggsBp - Made an awesome installer for this mod that I am extremely grateful for.
Nuska - Female normals and mesh that I used as a base, and teaching me some stuff very early on that made this mod possible.
Throttlekitty - Animated Eyelashes
Emerald Reign - Eye textures from before 2.2.
Macintroll - Hair textures & some eye textures
ZZJAY - Eyelash textures
TFH - Scar textures
OrmrSnaethorsen - Childrens Eye UV Maps
DarkSoulDuck - Providing patches for quite a few mods.
Antistar - Adult Eye UV Maps
Dragbody - Raider Paint textures
If I have missed crediting anyone or you feel you deserve a credit send me a message and I'll add you.