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Add several new hairs for the mod Fallout Character Overhaul.

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Fallout Character Overhaul - Hair Overhaul
Be fabulous today !

Hey Morghat, what the hell is that ?

Well, I order to avoid the ugly-faced characters and npcs of Fallout New Vegas I searched for a mod that improve this aspect of the game graphics.
I really loved the Fallout Character Overhaul made by Drumber. It gives the different protagonists a much more realistic look. Unfortunately this mod does not touch the hair, and because of its particular structure (it creates a lot of new custom races) it is mostly incompatible with custom hair mods. Majority of hair mods affect only vanilla races so you can't enjoy the new hairstyles with the custom races added by FCO.

I have started to add to these custom races some new hair meshes from some mods for my personal use and finally I decided to upload it on the Nexus Network.

I hope you enjoy it, and have a good time !

Cool story bro, but what I will find in this mod ?

So, in this mod you will find 17 new hair with high detailed meshes and awesome new textures ! Those meshes come from Nouks and Apachiis hairstyles and Fh hairs for fnv and fo3 conversion. They have been created by Nouk and Apachii, and uploaded by zzjay, thank to them !
No need to download those mods, all the meshes and textures are include in my mod !
All the hairstyles are for both male and female characters, because why the hell no ?! Man have the right to be fabulous too !

There is 2 esp : one is for an english version and the other is for a french version, cause I'm french (and no, I don't flee when I see some raiders !). Remembrer to pick up only one but I will explain this in the next section. Why one esp for each language ? Because all these new hairs have custom names, and something more original than "Apachii 01" or "Hair_long_04" !

I'm planning on adding more hairstyles, but I'm a lazy man and I haven't much free time so don't expect regular update and 20 new hairs in a row ! I also planning to add an optional distribution plugin to extend new hairstyles to npcs (if you know how to do it properly you can help me : I add custom hairstyles to npcs via the GECK and save it in a new esp. But when I reload the esp all the custom hairstyles disappear from npcs, they got the "no hair" option).

Oh my god who care ?! All I wanna know is how to install them !

Hem ok so installing this mod is very simple :

Manual installation only ! (I'm not really good with C#, sorry no fomod for you !)

This mod require Fallout Character Overhaul (3.0 min) to be installed and activated.

1) First open the zip file you've downloaded from the Nexus site.
2) Drag and drop the "meshes" and "textures" folder to your "Fallout New Vegas\Data" folder.
3) There is two other folders name "FCO - Hair overhaul [english]" and "FCO - Hair overhaul [french]", pick up the language you want and drag and drop the .esp file into the "Data" folder in the your Fallout New Vegas directory.
4) Open any mod manager (like Fallout Mod Manager) and check the "FCO - Hair overhaul.esp" (make sure it is loaded after all other FCO esp !)
5) And voilà ! Your characters can now be fabulous !

Hey stay here, I have some questions !

Jesus ! Very well ask me...

It doesn't work/My game crash/I don't see any new hairstyles ingame.
You did something wrong, read the instructions above and try again !

Is this mod compatible with other hair mods ?
Actually other hair mods affect only vanilla race, and FCO - Hair Overhaul affect vanilla and new FCO races. It will conflict only on the vanilla races, new races added by Fallout Character Overhaul should no conflict. But I suggest you to avoid any mod conflict and install only this mod.

Can you add XXX hair mod to your awesome mod ?
Maybe. I'm a very lazy man and adding new hairstyle is very long because Fallout Character Overhaul add a lot of new races. Let me proposals and if a lot of people ask for specific mod maybe I will update with new hairstyles (but probably 5 by 5, don't expect 20 new hairstyles in a row !).

Your mod is so awesome that I want to give you money !
Hahaha no way, the effort I put to create this mod are so ridiculous that I can't accepte donation. But consider donate to other mod's authors !

What mods did you use in your screenshots ?
In this screenshot you can see Overgrowth ENB by tru3th, NMCs_Texture_Pack_For_New_Vegas by NeilMc_NMC, Weapon Retexture Project by Millenia, Weapon Animation Replacer by joefoxx082, Interior Lighting Overhaul by Sarge198 and Killergrimm, Wasteland Flora Overhaul by vurt, FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting by Sal203 and xCamoLegend, Wasteland clothing Hires retexture by Macintroll, and Type3M Clothing by MAK inter alia.

Let me guess, you're gonna thank people !

Thank to Bethesda & Obsidian for creating Fallout New Vegas.
Thank to Drumber for creating Fallout Character Overhaul.
Thank to Nouk, Apachii and zzjay for there mods.
Thank to my mom and dad to be alive.
Thank you for being awesome and endorse the mod.
Thank God credits are over.