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This mod is a compatibility patch between "The N.V. Interiors Project", "EYES" and FCO

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1. Description

Tired of the double iris problem in the NV Interiores projects NPC's? Or only want to replace the vanilla textures because you want high immersion? This patch is for you.
There are some NPC's added by Interiors projects. This mod replace the vanilla textures and meshes for the one of FCO.

I use the EYES mod because i used to fix eyes issues in vanilla NPC's. And because is a nice mod. 

2. Compatibility

This are the mods the patch fix and make compatible. (Neither of this mods are from my authorship)

a) The new vegas interiors project


b) Fallout character overhaul (FCO)




This mod only moddified the "RNAM Race" and "ENAM Eyes" from the NPC's of the NV Interiors project using the "FCO" race textures and the "EYES" eyes meshes

3. How to install and unnistall

Extract the only esp. file in Data folder in your game directory. To unnistall only delete the esp. file. 

4. Extra info (If you don't have the double iris problem omit all this info). 

Many of the FCO users got the double iris problem in some way. This info maybe help you to resolve this issue. 

In my case, i create this patch because all npc's of NV interiors got the double iris or double eye issue. For me, this is caused by vanilla eyes in vanilla character meshes. So replace that with this compatibility patch solve the issue. 

For some people, this problem persist in all children npc inside the game. I think is because the FCO don't replace the children textures with new ones. Even the new eyes textures from EYES mod don't fix the double iris issue in the kids. I tried "FCO the last few edits" and make my game crash. 

I make and aceptable fix for the double iris issue in all the vainilla NPC's, especially the childrens using NVEdit. Is very simple. Open NVEdit and find the NPC with double iris. There are in the "non-player characters" list on the FalloutNV.esm or another mod that add NPC's. Then, when you find the NPC ref in the list, find the "ENAM - Eyes" ref and edit this line. The most of vainilla eyes are messed. Replace the lines "EyeBlue "Azul" [EYES:00004253]" (or similars) with "DLCPittEyeBlueMut "Azul" [EYES:000945B0]" 

This second ref is a DLC iris, look weird but is acceptable, is a fix compare to the double iris problem. This is the only fix i get for childrens for now.

This is my first mod created and my first upload to nexus. If you got a bug please tell me.