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An updated version of Dracomies' New Vegas Redesigned 3, based off the work of Qwinn's revised mod.

Permissions and credits
This mod aims to improve upon the work  Qwinn’s Refined FNV Redesigned 3 (QRNVR3) and update it for 2021.

From Qwinn’s Refined FNV Redesigned 3:

The purpose of this project is to refine and improve upon Dracomies’ Fallout New Vegas Redesigned 3 in terms of performance and compatibility, without making any (intentional) changes to its visual improvements.

Qwinn last updated QRNVR3 on April 6, 2019. Since then,

  • YUP and some other mods have been updated so that Qwinn’s patches are slightly outdated
  • Dracomies has made FNVR3 open source

Since QRNVR3’s permissions defer to Dracomies, this mod aims to 1. continue Qwinn’s work and improve upon it and 2. use the new, open permissions to make a easy-to-install version of NVR3.

This mod should accomplish all the improvements of QRNVR3, with updated patches and even less conflicts.

This mod started as an update of the YUP patch, but it now modifies the base esm files and changes some other patches as well. Instead of releasing yet another patch that you have to install on top of three other mods for NVR3 to work, I decided to utilize Dracomies’ gracious permissions and consolidate it in to one mod. Please let me know if this patch causes any bugs (e.g. pink faces) or unintended behavior (e.g. vanilla faces).

Features and changes from previous versions of NVR (NVR 3.6/NVR 4.3/QRNVR3)

Same mission: increase performance, reduce conflicts. This is not an exhaustive list. 

  • Packs (almost) all assets in to bsa files to reduce size and increase performance. 
  • Provides new freshly generated FaceGen texture files so that bLoadFaceGenHeadEGTFiles=0 can be set. Unlike QRNVR3, these are no longer compressed, which should remove compression artifacts from NPC faces. Also, they were generated using the .egt files from Mostly Fixed FaceGen tints, which removes unnatural coloring from the green face "mold" problem. 
  • Includes most sensible changes from NVR 4.6 that were not in QRNVR3. Noticeably, Veronica and Cass get their hats back, Boone's look is updated and Johnson Nash is black again. Under the hood, many changes to NPCs' inventories have been removed, further reducing conflicts. 
  • Removes superfluous NPC edits, e.g. changes to combat styles and SPECIAL stats, further reducing conflicts 
  • Provides up-to-date YUP, JSUE, and TLD patches  (e.g. Cass is no longer vanilla with YUP installed)
  • Provides a Brave New World patch solution for those trying to use Revoice and Face Redesign version of BNW. Voice Only version should work out of the box.
  • Provides new FOMOD installer to make the level design changes optional
  • Fixes the sunglasses bug (why FCO? why?)

I would say from a NPC point of view, the mod is as finished/stable as QRNVR3 was. Since NVR3 shouldn’t modify quests or much game logic, theoretically my edits should not break anything functionally. I did a lot of playtesting myself, and I didn’t find anything wrong, however user feedback would be really useful for further testing.

As far as further work, there are quite a few cell edits and edits outside the scope of a face redesign mod even without the level design changes .esp files. Some make sense, like the corpse and injured edits, and the crucifix edits. Some are head scratchers, like poster objects being changed. Ideally I would remove/isolate the confusing edits, as these just cause more conflicts. Also, I doubt every data file included is needed, so I want to reduce file bloat as well. However, in the interests of not breaking anything, I didn’t pursue these objectives for this release.

  1. Uninstall all previous versions of FCO and NVR3
  2. Install FCO 2.3.1 without checking any options in the FOMOD.
  3. Install this mod and follow the instructions in the FOMOD. Pay attention and read, not everything is automatically checked for your situation.
  4. Feel free to disable FCOMaster.esm once you have installed.
Note: JSU patch should be loaded AFTER YUP's patch if you are using it.
For FAQ, compatibility and more info, go to Posts and see the pinned post.

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