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A mod that aims to FCO'fy the remaining npc's left by FCO.

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It's been almost 2 years since FCO's last update. Going back to New Vegas I'd expect a lot of mods to get completed, but alas we noob level modders have to fill in the blanks for the elites. 

Seriously, there's nothing more OCD triggering than seeing all those detailed FCO NPC's then suddenly you see this vanilla hobgoblin taking a stride alongside these flawless wastelanders.... Immershun Broken :(

So here's where this little mod makes it's entrance.

The main goal of this mod is to FCO'fy the remaining NPC's left by FCO. Yep, I've painstakingly edited every last NPC whose face you can either see from a distance or glance at nearby, just like I did for all the females in the earlier versions of FCO.

It's a frustrating process, having to wade through countless records of ugly npc's, checking if they are even used or not and determining whether you'll see those NPC's ingame. Some NPC's are easily beautified by just changing the Race record but some faces are just blatant clones of each other and some have fucked up morphs, it's no wonder Drumber and co. moved on to other things.

I did this mod in a span of a few days but this is still a work in progress and I have to work within my limits (My laziness limits...) so not everything is done.

*UPDATE JAN. 28, 2018 
- Next version will take a while due to real life and interest in some other games :(

  • Happy Trails Caravan NPC's
  • Daniel
  • Honest Hearts Tribals
  • More NPC's I may have missed  (Will find some as I play through the game) PROGRESS =  75% of the game completed.
  • More Immershun! - (e.g. Mrs. Hostetler and Alice Hostetler will now look related as well as the Weathers family plus more) PROGRESS =  Set at 70% since there may be more NPC's like them.
  • Proportion fixes - (Fix for some overly sharp female chins, uncanny valley eyes, appropriate expressions) PROGRESS = 50% Needs a lot of renditions.
  • Voice Mismatch fixes -  (e.g. Comm Officer Lenk's voice actor sounds older so I made her look older, I know she sounds African american but I don't want to stray too far from their original designs) PROGRESS = 10% Will find more as I play.
  • More personalized unique NPC's - (I can only do so much since FCO just uses one face model per race) PROGRESS = 50% Needs a lot of renditions.

*I am currently playing through the game and will naturally change all that needs changing, then the new version will be done when I finish the game. It may take some time since I only play for a few hours every weekend - so it's done when it's done, please don't ask when).

  • All NPC's that FCO left untouched
  • Redid untouched NPC's with f'ed up morphs
  • Eliminated clones
  • Some DLC NPC's
  • NPC's from the Uncut mods

WHAT NEEDS CHANGING (Can't proceed with these since it needs new FCO like assets):
  • Christine
  • Some Old NPC's - (OldAged race records)
  • Children
  • Jason Bright
  • Marked Men

  • NPC's whose faces are fully covered by full helmets - (I'm lazy, but seriously the weight to caps ratio for looting armors is not worth it in my opinion. Sorry in advance for the loot whores who suddenly uncovers an ugly vanilla face when looting their helmets)

  • More corpse looking corpses - (Taking cues from NVR. Hey we're all for immersion right?)
  • NCR Heavy Troopers - (Because NCR Trooper Overhaul removed them helmets)
  • *Update to newer Uncut mods by RoyBatty( and separate "Freeside Open" and "Outside Bets" changes as .esp patches.

  • NPC patches for other mods - (The only mods I'll ever support is what's currently mentioned in this mod page, my apologies in advance)

  • The Better Angels by Someguy2000 - FCO patch


  • Simply extract the archive to your data folder
  • Or just use a mod organizing tool

*Please note that this mod does not fix pink faces. You will still need to install lunarionsilver's FCO Bugfixes for fixing them.
*The changes in this mod may eventually be integrated into FCO (dunno when). Until then, the mod is available for those who need it.

Help me make this mod better please! So here's how you can help:

Report any NPC's that I've missed to change. Before you do check the list in this page again.

If you report that I didn't change an NPC's face whose fully clad in Power Armor + Helmet or someone wearing a full headgear, I'm seriously stopping work on this mod.

Also if you report that Jason Bright or somesuch NPC listed here is left unchanged, I'm seriously jumping off a cliff.

If you're going to report, please please please mention the EditorID. I ain't about to go finding someone described as "There's a guy in Freeside who still have a vanilla face PERIOD" within thousands of NPC records.

Even better, if you have FCO like assets in the WHAT NEEDS CHANGING list feel free to send them to me and you will receive the proper credit. I'll do the GECK dirty work for you. Otherwise we'll have to wait until the next big FCO update for the assets or if I miraculously gained the mad skills for creating the needed textures. But alas it won't happen and I'm a lazy noob level modder.

Sorry if i'm a bit prickly about this. But hey, didn't I mention I was lazy? Plus there's this thing called life that I have to attend to unfortunately.


Thanks and Credits goes to:
  • Bethesda and Obsidian for obvious reasons
  • Drumber and friends for the great Fallout Character Overhaul
  • moburma80 for all the restorations
  • Someguy2000 for his great quest mods and for inspiring a generation of modders with snarky mod descriptions