Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

A mod that aims to fix and cover all NPC's using FCO, improving already existing edits and expanding it's scope.

Permissions and credits
*UPDATE Jan 24, 2020
v1.2 Release:
  • Ghouls overhaul
  • Children improvements
  • Better matching body textures for raiders and females
  • YUP and JSUE patch
  • Changed more uncovered vanilla NPC's the Uncut Wasteland or Living Desert added in
  • More bugfixing and improvements
  • Optional mods for Cass and Ulysses

  • All NPC's that FCO left untouched 
  • Redid NPC's with f'ed up morphs and face colors - (Original FCO changes tends to have ridiculous use of eyeliners and a ton of eyebrow errors)
  • Eliminated clones
  • Unique NPC's are made more distinguishable, personalized or closer to vanilla
  • Some Voice Mismatch Fixes
  • DLC NPC's - (Majority of which are Honest Hearts Tribals)
  • Made injured and dead NPC's look dead and injured
  • Pink assets are fixed
  • Added some important missing textures from FCO races
  • Vipers, Jackals and Fiends now look different from each other

- Finished a playthrough and I am spent, it'll take a while before I get back to this version. v1.2 is pretty much complete FCO coverage and improvements anyway.

v1.3 FINAL
  • Hoover Dam Battle NPC's - (the ones that wear the black mask and goggles)
  • Brave New World patch - (Need to experience this mod first and adapt faces to match the new voices)

- These needs new textures but I don't have the expertise needed to create textures from scratch especially with the quality that FCO has.
  • Children
  • Matching Body Textures
  • Marked Men
  • Neck and Hand Seams (The most annoying thing in to fix, you can only do so much with texture edits. The only real way to fix this is completely changing how the body mesh works and some engine level fixes which is way out of my league)

  • NPC's whose faces are fully covered by full helmets - (I'm lazy, but seriously the weight to caps ratio for looting armors is not worth it in my opinion. Sorry in advance for the loot whores who suddenly uncovers an ugly vanilla face when looting their helmets)

  • NPC patches for other mods - (The only mods I'll ever support is what's currently mentioned in this mod page, my apologies in advance)

  • New Vegas 
  • All New Vegas DLC 
  • FCO v3.01
  • At least some modding know-how, especially Merge Patches

Compatibility for: YUP, JSUE, Mojave Raiders, The Living Desert, Ultimate Ulysses Companion and Race, Dragbody's Cass Replacer

  • Install FCO v3.01
  • Then install this mod
  • Extract the archive to your data folder and Overwrite any files, mostly it's FCO files (or save yourself some headaches and just learn how to use a mod organizing tool)
  • Put FCO - The Last Few Edits.esm below FCOMaster.esm
  • Put FCO - The Last Few Edits.esp to the bottom of your load order or below your last mod that has edits to NPC's

Additional Installation notes: 
  • Don't bother using FCO - NPC Changes.esp and FCO - OHSB Edits.esp unless there's some faces there you want over mine
  • Ignore all the FCO Bugfixes found in the Nexus, it's all been addressed in this mod

WARNINGBe careful using this in tandem with New Vegas Redesigned 3 (Qwinn's or not), make sure you have FCO v3.01 working properly with NVR 3 and not just using the FCO v2.3.1 esm included in NVR 3 or you will have missing race records and eventually red exclamation marks. This guide may help and hopefully it applies to Qwinn's version too but I haven't tested it myself: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/64600?tab=posts 

Help me make this mod better please! So here's how you can help:

Report any NPC's that I've missed to change. Before you do, check the stuff in the description first.

If you're going to report, please mention the NPC name, FormID and/or the name of the specific area they're in (use console and click on the NPC). I ain't about to go finding someone described as "There's some guy in Freeside who still have a vanilla face PERIOD" within thousands of NPC records.

If you report that I didn't change an NPC's face whose fully clad in Power Armor + Helmet or someone wearing a full headgear covering their face, I'm seriously stopping work on this mod.

Sorry if i'm a bit prickly about this. But hey, didn't I mention I was lazy? Plus there's this thing called life that I have to attend to unfortunately.

Thanks and Credits goes to:
  • Bethesda and Obsidian for obvious reasons
  • Drumber and friends for the great Fallout Character Overhaul
  • Someguy2000 for his great quest mods and for inspiring a generation of modders with snarky mod descriptions